SEVENTEEN is celebrating its 7th anniversary SEVENTEEN is celebrating its 7th anniversary

SEVENTEEN recalls their entire history in their 7th anniversary special

SEVENTEEN released a special 1-hour video where the idols reminisce a lot about their history on their 7th anniversary

SEVENTEEN is celebrating one more year since their debut, this year marks 7 years of the group and they have the best stories for CARAT.

SEVENTEEN debuted on May 26, 2015 under Pledis Entertainment, although the history of this idol group did not begin that day but much earlier. Well, all the members first spent their time as trainees at the K-Pop agency and we were able to see them on '17TV', a program that was broadcast online with cameras in that green practice room.

Going back to SVT's debut there were many things that all the members experienced for the first time. They gradually grew and there were many important moments in their history. The best thing is that since the birth of this idol group, all the members were able to have an active participation in their songs.

The success and fame of SEVENTEEN did not come overnight and all the idols of this group had to work hard to achieve all the goals and awards they have now obtained. So it's beautiful to remember every moment of SVT as a group.

And now they are celebrating their seventh anniversary, SEVENTEEN released a special video to trace their history on this great day.

SEVENTEEN celebrates their 7th anniversary with this special video recalling the group's best moments

On their official YouTube channel, SEVENTEEN released a special video to celebrate their 7th anniversary. In this, the idols are gathered to eat and talk for a while about their history. There is a dynamic with photos and hashtags that are the themes, they are remembering events from before their debut, their first times, experiences and others that today they can remember with great nostalgia and happiness.

For an hour, the members of SEVENTEEN remember everything about their history and also show once again the great love they have for CARAT, it's just great and amazing.

CARAT is celebrating SEVENTEEN's 7th anniversary with these hashtags

As usual, fans take to social networks to celebrate SEVENTEEN, this time the hashtags '#HAPPY_SVT_DAY' and '#SVT_7th_Anniversary' are used for this great celebration of SEVENTEEN, CARAT is already trending both with the best messages of the fans for the idol group.

CARAT celebrating SEVENTEEN's 7th anniversary | Twitter: @mobyandcat

So don't forget to send a message to SEVENTEEN on their 7th anniversary, we love them and we're sure there will be many surprises to come in the future. Especially since we are just one more day away from their long-awaited comeback with 'Face The Sun', this album will be special.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, here we have the best songs from Performance Team, which one is your favorite? 

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