SEVENTEEN and Sector 17 are taking over Billboard 200 SEVENTEEN and Sector 17 are taking over Billboard 200

SEVENTEEN reaches a new top position on Billboard 200 with Sector 17

'Sector 17' debuted this week at a great position on the Billboard 200, this gives a new milestone for SEVENTEEN's history

SEVENTEEN continues to conquer global markets with their music and this time, 'Sector 17' gives them a new record on Billboard 200 with the album's top position.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group that has 13 talented idols who have always worked together and in the best way to give their best in every comeback and performance. It is no surprise that their popularity is growing more and more and they continue to conquer new music charts.

Since the 'Heng:garae' era, SVT has been unstoppable, that album was the idol group's first Million Seller and since then in each comeback they have outnumbered both physical sales and digital platforms. In Korea they have reigned in tops and charts ever since, there is no challenge that SEVENTEEN cannot overcome.

Recently with their 'Sector 17' repackage, SEVENTEEN is doing a great job everywhere. The idol group has already achieved their fourth win on Korean music shows with '_WORLD', they even took over Inkigayo, one of the most difficult shows to win that they hadn't been able to win for 2 years.

But not only in Korea SEVENTEEN is proving their dominance, 'Sector 17' is also doing so on Billboard 200, the album reached an amazing position that broke SVT's own record and this gives them a new mark in their history.

SEVENTEEN's Sector 17 debuts at #4 on the Billboard 200, this is the highest position the group has ever held

SEVENTEEN's 'Sector 17' reached #4 on the Billboard 200 this week, the album accumulated approximately 34 thousand sales, 31 thousand are physical and the rest were calculated through digital streaming. This is a new record for SVT in this important music top, they have had chart entries before but this is their maximum.

Sector 17 gets #4 in Billboard 200 | Twitter: @icarat_ksupport

Congratulations, SEVENTEEN! They deserve these great achievements, not forgetting that all this is thanks to the great support of CARAT who hasn't stopped listening to 'S17' songs and buying more albums, OMG.

What other SEVENTEEN albums have been in the top of the Billboard 200?

SEVENTEEN has had a total of 4 albums that have been positioned on the Billboard 200, the first of which was 'Your Choice', here we leave you all of this K-Pop group that have appeared on this important sales chart of albums in the United States, the power of US CARAT has been demonstrated with these records.


Woah!' As you can see the albums were rising in position in each comeback, will it be that for the next one, SEVENTEEN will debut at #1? We hope so!

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like S.Coups who met a CARAT and he did something great for his fan.

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