What if SEVENTEEN had two Mingyus? What if SEVENTEEN had two Mingyus?

SEVENTEEN once had two Mingyu among their members, who was their other singer?

Once Kim Mingyu and actor Kim Minkyu got together in SEVENTEEN, that's how the group had two Mingyus

Can you imagine a world with two Mingyus? It would surely be a more perfect place, one day SEVENTEEN had Kim Mingyu and Kim Minkyu, why did the actor become a member of the idol group?

SEVENTEEN is one of the most relevant and popular K-Pop groups in the industry. All the success that the idol group has today is thanks to the great effort and work of its members. Among them we find the best singers, dancers and rappers who give their all in every song, comeback and performance.

One of the members of SVT is Kim Mingyu, who works mainly as a rapper in the boy band, belongs to the Hip-Hop Team and also to the visual line. Mingyu is an extremely charismatic man with a beautiful outgoing personality. He can be clumsy at times but also very smart and capable in any challenge.

Apart from being an amazing singer, Mingyu is also good at art, we love his drawings and designs. He has also been a model and impresses us with his visuals. He has expressed his desire to pursue acting sometime in the future and we know that he would surely nail it as an actor in K-Dramas as well.

And speaking of actors, surely you know the Korean actor who is almost a namesake of Mingyu, this is Kim Minkyu who was once also in SEVENTEEN, how did this happen? The idol group then had two Mingyus.

Kim Minkyu and Kim Mingyu once got together in SEVENTEEN, what did the actor do with the idol group?

A Business Proposal actor Kim Minkyu was invited to a program where he confessed that he once trained as a singer for 1 month with an idol group. Turns out that group was SEVENTEEN, so back then SVT had 2 Mingyus as they have their original Kim Mingyu and the actor who goes by almost the same name (sometimes written as Kim Mingyu too or Kim Mingue).

Wow! Two Mingyus, what would that have been like for CARAT? Surely something very cool, but of course both are different and we love them differently, no one is the same as Mingyu or Minkyu.

 Previously, Kim Minkyu had already said that he knew SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

Once on a live broadcast someone asked actor Kim Minkyu if he knew SEVENTEEN's Mingyu and he said yes, so maybe he knew him from back when he was practicing to be a singer with SVT. Also another coincidence of Mingyus is that both of them won in a vote to be invited to the program 'Funstaurant', will we see them together soon?

Do you know SEVENTEEN's Mingyu?

Kim Minkyu: Ahh I know him. We both know each other. He's my dongsaeng 


We love these two talented Mingyu who delight us in music and K-Dramas as well, they are both wonderful and shine with their great skills.

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