SEVENTEEN members' MBTI according to the other members SEVENTEEN members' MBTI according to the other members

SEVENTEEN members took a new test and now their MBTI is different

SEVENTEEN Members' MBTIs changed according to others' perception, they took the personality test once again but in a different way

SEVENTEEN made a fun dynamic with the MBTI, everyone responded for their groupmates and got different results, how are these idols vs. how do others see them?

SEVENTEEN is a K-Pop group with just amazing idols. Their talents are so brilliant, they blend so well and have formulated a great band that we admire so much today. Its fans extend to all parts of the world, CARAT is one of the largest fandoms in the musical genre.

But fans have also been totally captivated by the personalities of the members of this idol group. Each one is different and gives a special touch to each song and also to the content that we find from SVT. One of them is his big variety show, 'Going Seventeen'.

On 'Going Seventeen' we've seen the members of SEVENTEEN do a lot of dynamics, games, and so on, which we've had a lot of fun with. But we've also gotten to know more about these idols and their ways of thinking, acting, and even cheating, LOL. This is what makes them so unique.

And speaking of Going Seventeen, on today's episode, the idols took the MBTI test again in a different way. This time all the other members of SEVENTEEN took the test according to how they perceived their fellow members, so they had different results, how are their personalities according to this test?

SEVENTEEN reveals their members' MBTI as they see themselves vs. how others see them and have different results

The members of SEVENTEEN took the MBTI test once again and got different results because they changed the dynamic. They didn't answer how they see each other, but how their other teammates see them, so they got some very different results than they had before. Here are their personalities as they see themselves vs. how their groupmates see them.

SEVENTEEN members own MBTI vs. how others see them | Twitter: @wonubliss

Woah! Most of MBTI's personalities really changed how SEVENTEEN members look, it was really fun to see how he fared in this test. Here's the full GoSe episode for more fun. 

Jeonghan was the member who created the most debate around his MBTI

During this episode of Going Seventeen, everyone took more time and discussed more about Jeonghan's personality. This made them take him more seriously and find various characteristics of his group mate. Finally the result they got was the same as Hannie had when doing the test by himself.

Jeonghan's MBTI caused controversy amongst SVT members | Twitter: @yjhanzone

It was very fun to learn more about the members of SEVENTEEN according to their other members, it is so nice to see how much they know each other and their different facets.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Dino who has Dancelogy, a show in which he dance covers different songs. 

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