SEVENTEEN wants these presents for Korean Children's Day SEVENTEEN wants these presents for Korean Children's Day

SEVENTEEN members revealed what they want as Children's Day gift

The members of SEVENTEEN may be adults, but they all have a child's soul and confessed what they want as a gift for Children's Day

Children's Day in Korea is celebrated on May 5, 2022, so the members of SEVENTEEN took the opportunity to reveal what gift they wanted on this special day.

SEVENTEEN is not just a highly professional and talented K-Pop group. There is much to appreciate about this K-Pop group that has conquered the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Their music and performances are amazing and they have a lot of creativity from the artists.

But we can also appreciate the great personalities and charisma of the SVT idols. Each one of them is unique and different, but together they are fun, they get along very well and can sometimes remind us of themselves in their childhood stages. CARAT loves seeing these photos of the boys in the boy band from when they were kids.

In addition, the members of SEVENTEEN also have a childlike soul and they show this to us on 'Going Seventeen', the idol group's variety show where they have a lot of fun dynamics with games and more where they not only demonstrate their skills, but also to their inner child.

In Korea it is already Children's Day, because this year it is celebrated on May 5 and to commemorate it, the members of SEVENTEEN said what was the perfect gift for them on this day. Of course, most of them asked for gifts from 'Kidults', LOL.

What gift do the members of SEVENTEEN want on this Children's Day?

On the latest episode of Going Seventeen, the members of SEVENTEEN shared what gifts they wanted for this Children's Day in Korea. Although we could not see all the idols in the group as this content was recorded while some of them were in quarantine.

But this is what the members of the idol group wanted for Children's Day:

SEVENTEEN members want these gifts | Twitter: @vercoupszone

Surely the staff of SEVENTEEN will please the idols of the group with the gifts that the idols want, or maybe just the winning team of this Going Seventeen, here you can watch the full episode. 

CARAT also celebrates Children's Day with SEVENTEEN and their childhood photos

Although we didn't know what present THE8, S.Coups, and Hoshi wanted, CARAT celebrates with all the members of SEVENTEEN this Children's Day in Korea. The fandom shared the cutest photos of the SVT members as children.

SEVENTEEN childhood photos | Twitter: @horangrrrrwR

We adore SEVENTEEN as children and as adults, they are all very cute and also very talented. There is much to admire about this amazing K-Pop group.

SEVENTEEN tends to celebrate a lot with CARAT and here we have their April Fools' pranks too, there were some that made us laugh a lot. 

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