SEVENTEEN wants to go on a date with CARAT SEVENTEEN wants to go on a date with CARAT

SEVENTEEN members reveal where would they take CARAT on a date

Can you imagine having a date with any of the members of SEVENTEEN? They have the perfect place to hang out with CARAT

Going out with your SEVENTEEN bias would be a dream come true, and maybe you can imagine what it would be like as each member chose the perfect place to go on a date with CARAT. Where would they take you?

SEVENTEEN is one of the most popular K-Pop groups, the members of this boy band have worked hard in their music and performances to reach the hearts of millions of fans around the world. These artists have gained attention thanks to their amazing teamwork.

13 members are part of SVT, in them we can find very diverse people, with personalities, interests, hobbies and others that are part of their personal hallmarks. All this has also managed to completely captivate their followers. And we cannot forget the visuals of each of these idols, the artists are very handsome thanks to their beautiful physical characteristics.

So if you have already chosen your SEVENTEEN bias, which might seem like a difficult task since these idols are always wrecking CARAT, then you can imagine what it would be like to go on a date with one of these idols. According to their personalities, they would surely take you to a different place or put a special mood in this special moment.

And to fuel CARAT's imagination, each of the SEVENTEEN members revealed where they would take their fans on a date, which one of them would you want to date?

SEVENTEEN chose the perfect place to have a date with CARAT

SEVENTEEN released special content from their 2021 fanmeeting, 'SEVENTEEN In CARATLAND'. In a question and answer session of said content, the members of the group were asked where they would take CARAT on a date and these were their answers.

These are some of SEVENTEEN's answers | Twitter: @lattegyu_

 Now you know where each idol of SEVENTEEN would take you on a date, what will be the best option? They all sound fun and the best is the company, but not the place.

SEVENTEEN will have a movie date with CARAT very soon

SEVENTEEN members may not be able to take every CARAT on a date, but soon they will meet their fans at the cinema with their movie 'Power Of Love', it will be about one of their 2021 concert, they'll broadcast it on the big screen. In addition, it will have special content as part of a documentary. Although we won't be able to see Jun and THE8 as they were having activities in China then.

SEVENTEEN and CARAT will have a movie date soon | Twitter: @gyuupupp

As you can see, the SEVENTEEN movie will air on April 20 and 23. Wait for more information from your local cinemas to be able to see it, it will reach the whole world.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like DK who has a great personality and charisma and you'd love to have a friend just like him. 

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