SEVENTEEN members reveal what they do when they're feeling down

The K-Pop group SEVENTEEN is famous because of the amazing chemistry among the members. They have talked about what they do when one of them is having a bad day.

SEVENTEEN just released their first English single track "Darl+ing". The song got amazing marks on iTunes in too many countries. Meanwhile, the band keeps exciting everyone with more details about their upcoming album. It will be released on May 27.

The promotions for "FACE THE SUN" have already begun. The members are attending different shows in order to share more about their new music.

SEVENTEEN members for 'Darl+ing' / @pledis_17

One reason for the big success of the K-Pop group is probably the good relationship among the members. Sinces their debut SEVENTEEN has proven their awesome teamwork and how much they care and love each other.

Finally they confessed how they react when one of them is feeling depressed. This is what they said.

How do SEVENTEEN members encourage each other?

On April 23 the Zoom Youtube channel dropped the Sakshma Srivastav interview for SEVENTEEN. As always, the members showed their cheerful charisma. Because of their characteristic energy, the members were asked what they do when one of them is feeling down on an important day.

SEVENTEEN interview with Sakshma Srivastav / By @kaiaxiii

Joshua explained they have been together for a long time, so they can notice it "just by the look of a member's eyes". They can tell someone is having a bad day by the way they sit. The Idol told their key for lift their spirit

We always try to go next to them and ask them what they ate today.

Are you feeling tired? Are you feeling okay?

We always try to cheer each other up.

Immediately Vernon added Joshua is really good at doing that. Also Vernon said they gain strength in a particular way:

We just play around a lot. We just talk about this or that. Just make fun of each other.

The members confirmed how important communication is. Watch the whole interview here.

CARAT, are you surprised with their response? 

Don't forget to check the advances for "FACE THE SUN". We already know the main single track


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