SEVENTEEN memebers have a strong friendship SEVENTEEN memebers have a strong friendship

SEVENTEEN members' friendship is so great that they don't want to live apart

Although each member of SEVENTEEN could have their own house, they refuse to live separately and therefore remain in their dorm

The members of SEVENTEEN are very close, they have formed a large family that cannot live separately, even though each one could live separately, they refuse to do so and continue to share a dorm.

SEVENTEEN idols have been together for over 7 years now. Since they began their preparation time as Pledis Entertainment trainees, they began to interact and get to know each other. With the debut of the idol group, new experiences, stories and moments were shared by these artists.

This is why far from being just bandmates or co-workers, the SVT idols have become a big family. There is no doubt that their closeness is real and they all get along very well. Of course, they could also have fights like that time between Seungkwan and DK on Jeju Island that maybe I'll tell you about later.

But the boys of SEVENTEEN have always been able to work things out, and they know that it's not the same if one of the members isn't around. They also made history when they all renewed their contract with Pledis and decided to be together as a group for more years to bring the best to CARAT.

The friendship and closeness of the members of SEVENTEEN is so strong that they do not want to live apart yet, so they continue to share their dorm despite the fact that the CEO of their company has recommended that they each have their own place to live.

SEVENTEEN members don't want to live apart and this is why they continue to share a dorm

Han Sungsoo, CEO of Pledis Entertainment suggested that the members of SEVENTEEN live apart from each other now that they can. This is due to the fact that every time he enters the dorm he won't know which place belongs to each idol since they all spend it together or in the place of another member. But despite this, the idols in the group don't want to live apart, so they will continue to share a dorm.

SEVENTEEN members still want to share their home | Twitter. @WorldwideCarats

So absolutely nothing can separate the members of SEVENTEEN and they really are together all the time, isn't that so cute? We adore the very friendly and familiar relationship of SVT idols.

Even in the future, the members of SEVENTEEN wish to live close to each other

On several occasions, Jeonghan has said that he wishes the members of SEVENTEEN would continue to live close together even in the future. He imagines a neighborhood shared by all to keep in touch with his big family that he formed in the group. Then everyone will have a house but very close to the others and S.Coups has even said that he will be Han's drinking buddy when they retire <3.

SEVENTEEN members will be together even in the future | Twitter: @cherishthe17

The relationship that the members of SEVENTEEN have is really invaluable, we know that the love they have for each other could not be bought even with a thousand sacks of gold. It is something really nice and that its closeness is reflected at all times.

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