'Face The Sun' photo concept 'Face The Sun' photo concept

SEVENTEEN is under control in new concept photos for 'Face The Sun'

SEVENTEEN's new album "Face The Sun" is almost here. Finally have been revealed the first concept pictures of this project.

The anticipated album "Face The Sun" will be released on May 27th. In order to increase the expectations HYBE revealed the trailer series "13 Inner Shadows". In these videos we saw the members of SEVENTEEN in different scenarios.

At the moment it is a little bit difficult to solve the whole puzzle those trailers left behind. CARAT is expecting to see in the new album the story that continue "Darl+ing" music video.

A few days ago the conclusion of the trailers showed Wonwoo facing the sun while he was walking in a desert with any path to follow.

'13 Inner Shadows' trailers / By @seokminoya

Now we finally get some pictures that give us a glimpse of the concept of this album.

SEVENTEEN drops the Ep.1 concept photos for "Face The Sun"

On May 10th the Twitter official account revealed the first set of photos for "Face The Sun". Under the title "Ep.1 Control" we can see that the concept for this project seems to be inspired by a dystopia.

'Face The Sun' concept photo / By @pledis_17

The members are lined up like the military forces do in a gray and cold place. They are wearing a unique black uniform and the hairstyle is the same for all of them. Among the Idols, there are people -or maybe dolls- with their faces covered.

Mingyu for 'Face The Sun' / By @pledis_17

The fans are already realizing that the belt they are wearing has some importants number printed on it: 13, 3, 1, and 17. It is the meaning of SEVENTEEN's name.

Jeonghan for 'Face The Sun' / By @pledis_17

We wonder what the message in these pictures is. Is SEVENTEEN trying to break the control?

Woozi for 'Face The Sun' / By @pledis_17

In your opinion what is the connection between these concept photos and the "13 Inner Shadows" trailers?

If you want to know more about the previous teasers for this album, you need to check this article, it has all the information to be ready for the comeback.

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