SEVENTEEN and HANABI reing in Japan SEVENTEEN and HANABI reing in Japan

SEVENTEEN is the king of Japan with HANABI, their fanmeeting's tickets are sold out

Tickets for SEVENTEEN's Japanese fanmeeting are sold out, which shows the power of the group in Japan, how many CARATs will go to HANABI?

SEVENTEEN's popularity in Japan is gigantic and now that the group will be resuming their fanmeetings in the country, it shows the kingdom that they have. There are no more tickets for HANABI and thousands of CARATs will be able to see SVT live.

We can say that SEVENTEEN has fans all over the world, CARAT is a fandom that spreads globally. The popularity of this idol group was proven in their previous World Tour that reached many places where perhaps before 2019 this boy band had not been seen live.

But we know that since 2020, many face-to-face concerts had to be canceled and SVT could not meet CARAT in person anymore. Although the online mode was amazing for fans around the world, the truth is that everyone wanted to see SEVENTEEN face-to-face again and not just through their screens.

And finally, in this 2022, it is possible that CARAT and SEVENTEEN will reunite once again after the long wait. In fact, the idol group held their Korean fanmeeting last March. SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND had many great moments that the fandom shared with the group.

Soon CARAT will be reuniting with SEVENTEEN once again but in Japan, the idol group has already sold out HANABI and thus proved that they are kings even outside of South Korea.

SEVENTEEN sold over 60,000 tickets for their Japanese fanmeeting HANABI

SEVENTEEN will be performing at their Japanese fanmeeting HANABI at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. This venue has a capacity of 37,000 people, but since SVT is offering two dates at the venue, the idol group has sold around 60,000 tickets for this long-awaited event.

SEVENTEEN's HANABI | Twitter: @seokminwonhan

This SEVENTEEN fanmeeting will be held on May 7th and 8th, J-CARAT must be more than ready to once again enjoy his favorite K-Pop group live.

 CARAT from all over the world will also be able to see SEVENTEEN in HANABI

The second date of HANABI will have online streaming, so CARAT from all over the world will be able to see SEVENTEEN during this Japanese fanmeeting. Through Weverse you can purchase a ticket for the transmission through said platform. There is also a lot of merch that the idol group released for this event where everyone looks so cute.

HANABI will be streamed online | Twitter: @ruaaudgh17

So there is no excuse not to see SEVENTEEN in HANABI, we can't wait for this great event that many fans will want to see.

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