SEVENTEEN will have its comeback with a full album SEVENTEEN will have its comeback with a full album

SEVENTEEN is ready for comeback with a full album, when is it coming out?

SEVENTEEN has confirmed their upcoming comeback and it will be with a full album, a special and iconic moment for this K-Pop group

SEVENTEEN's comeback is closer than we expected and for their next release they have prepared a full album that will give CARAT new music. When will it be released?

SEVENTEEN is one of the most listened to and well-known K-Pop groups around the world. Its music has reached millions of fans who don't hesitate to show their love and support with each comeback. The success of this group did not happen overnight, and it is only the result of the great work and effort that their idols have put in.

During 2021, SVT had many events and some comebacks and releases that gave CARAT new music to enjoy. In Korean and Japanese, the idol group released songs for their fans. Like his mini-album 'Your Choice' and later 'Attacca'. Both were extremely successful albums and very well sold throughout the world.

Since then, CARAT has been waiting for more music from the boy band, although the group released their Japanese single 'Ainochikara' and members like Woozi, DK and Jeonghan have released solo songs, there weren't many signs of a comeback until now. That SEVENTEEN's upcoming return to the stage with a full album has been confirmed.

There is a little more to come for SEVENTEEN's comeback and CARAT is already warming up, the fandom knows that a full album is extremely important in the group's career. Surely it will be a real gem, when will SVT next album be released?

SEVENTEEN will have its next comeback with a full album on May 2022

K-Media revealed that SEVENTEEN is preparing for their upcoming comeback in May, and the best thing is that it will be with a full album that will be full of songs for CARAT. SVT's last full album was 'An Ode', released in 2019 with songs like 'HIT', 'Snapshoot', 'Fear', among others.

SEVENTEEN will have its comeback on May | Twitter: @seventeenphil

And if K-Media's information wasn't enough, Hoshi couldn't hold back his excitement and rushed to Weverse to say that SEVENTEEN's comeback was a done deal.

The 4th full album 

Hoshi confirmed SVT's comeback on Weverse | Twitter: @boosterhochi

 What can we expect from SEVENTEEN's next full album?

It is worth mentioning that SEVENTEEN's full albums are very important, because in each of these, the group makes a big change with the rings they share. They symbolize a big step in their careers and this is why for full albums they put a lot of effort into each of their songs. The previous one had several MVs and one of them was made by Mingyu. So this time, it could be the same or even better. Good changes, many songs and active participation of all of these idols.

We can't wait for SEVENTEEN's next comeback | Twitter: @dinoahae

How exiting! We can't wait for SVT's upcoming comeback which will surely be full of great songs and great quality as the group is already accustomed to their fandom. 

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, we tell you how these idols revealed the perfect place to go on a date with CARAT.

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