SEVENTEEN's 'Shadow' concept photo SEVENTEEN's 'Shadow' concept photo

SEVENTEEN is living in the shadows in new concept photos for 'Face The Sun'

SEVENTEEN is revealing more about their upcoming album "Face The Sun". Now we have the new concept photo set "Ep.2 Shadow". The Idols look great!

No matter what concept SEVENTEEN decides to use in their music they always fit perfectly into the emotion of the song. At the moment we have seing this group with fresh and playful music with songs like "Oh My!" and "Left & Right". On the other hand the singers have given us some powerful tracks like "HIT" and "Rock With You".

The boy group is coming back on May 27 with its fourth studio album "Face The Sun". There are high expectations for their new music. It was reported that the album already sold more than 1.7 million copies in the pre-order period of one week.

SEVENTEEN's concept photo / By @pledis_17

Are you waiting for the new album? In order to anticipate the concept of this album, we are getting some photos that reveal more about it.

SEVENTEEN reveals the second set of concept photos for "Face The Sun"

On May 11th the SEVENTEEN's official twitter account dropped the picture set "Ep.2 Shadow". It is part of the concept photos for the upcoming album "Face The Sun". In these pictures we can see the members in a cold environment. Jun's photo shows the Idol trapped in a small concrete place.

SEVENTEEN's Jun / By @pledis_17

Meanwhile, some other members seems to be looking for a way to get out. This mysterious place is explored by Wonwoo and Vernon while hanging a hand lamp to light their way. It feels like DK, Hoshi and Mingyu are frustrated to be trapped.

Wonwoo for 'Face The Sun' / By @pledis_17

On the other hand, Jeonghan, The8 and Seungkwan look hopeless in this dark environment. Woozi and S.Coups are barefoot but the leader is tied to a rope. Joshua is facing a broken mirror and finally apparently Dino finds a little bit of light.

SEVENTEEN's Dino / By @pledis_17

Is not that common to see SEVENTEEN using this type of dark concept but it looks amazing for the members. The fans are getting crazy with this side of the handsome Idols.

Which concept do you like the most? Ep.2 Shadow or Ep.1 Control?

If you haven't checked the previous concept photos for "Face The Sun", don't worry, we got you. Here's all the information about it.

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