SEVENTEEN is complete once again SEVENTEEN is complete once again

SEVENTEEN is complete again now that Wonwoo and Jeonghan are back on the team

Wonwoo and Jeonghan had been away and CARAT missed their OT13 SEVENTEEN, but they are back and ready for their activities

SEVENTEEN has their full team once again and CARAT is happier than ever now that Wonwoo and Jeonghan are back with their teammates after being away. What is the K-Pop group preparing with their full lineup?

SEVENTEEN is a K-Pop group with 13 members and although it might seem like a difficult task to work with so many people with different personalities. But the truth is that this idol group has done an exceptional teamwork where all its parts shine.

And it is that SVT has already formed a great family, Mingyu once confessed that if the group was without one of its members, it simply was not the same. All of them are simply irreplaceable and are an important piece in the puzzle of SEVENTEEN, without one they cannot feel complete.

During this 2022, the absence of two members of SEVENTEEN was notable during the promotions of the idol group's first English single. 'Darl+ing' did not have the presence of Wonwoo and Jeonghan who for different reasons were taking a break from the group, CARAT and the other members were waiting for their return.

But the wait is over because Wonwoo and Jeonghan are back with their other teammates, SEVENTEEN is complete once again and that's how they proved it.

Wonwoo and Jeonghan returned to SEVENTEEN, this is how they proved that the group is complete again

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi shared a photo on the group's official Twitter and personal Instagram account, but it's not just any photo, it's a mirror selca where we can see the 13 members of SVT in the practice room. In this photo we see Wonwoo and Jeonghan who had been absent from the group. Now, they are complete once again.

SEVENTEEN OT13 mirror selca | Twitter: @pledis_17

Yay! We are very happy to see SEVENTEEN complete again, it's great to see Wonwoo and Jeonghan again, plus CARAT missed them so much.

What is SEVENTEEN preparing for CARAT?

If we saw SEVENTEEN in their dance practice room, that means that they are rehearsing and we might think that it is for the comeback that will come at the end of May. And maybe yes, but they also have a big event very soon, on May 7th and 8th they will hold their Japanese fanmeeting. This means that SVT OT13 will be in HANABI and we can't wait for these great concerts.

SEVENTEEN's is getting ready for HANABI | Twitter: @PANG_CARTPH

 We're so excited for this! We're sure that HANABI will be just great, and the best thing is that CARAT from all over the world can watch it since it'll bestreamed online.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, here we tell you who are the producers behind the music of this idol group.

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