SEVENTEEN traveled to Japan SEVENTEEN traveled to Japan

SEVENTEEN is already in Japan for their fanmeeting, how was their trip from Korea?

SEVENTEEN had their first trip outside of Korea in 2 years, they visit Japan for their next fanmeeting 'HANABI'

Due to the pandemic, SEVENTEEN had been unable to leave Korea and visit CARAT from other countries until now. Fans and press gathered at Incheon Airport to see off the idols who are heading to Japan for their next fanmeeting.

Despite the pandemic, SEVENTEEN continued to work hard on their music and performances for their fans. During these two years in which we had to protect ourselves, the idol group had quite a few comebacks and even concerts even though at first they could only be broadcast online.

At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, SVT was able to resume face-to-face activities, first they presented themselves with the public at Weverse Con, then they had their Korean fanmeeting where they shared time with CARAT after the long years of waiting in which they only wanted to be with their public. .

And very soon, they will have their next fanmeeting, but this time it will be in Japan. HANABI is the name given to this upcoming fan convention where we will also have idol group performances and more surprises they have prepared for their Japanese fans.

So, after two long years, SEVENTEEN finally left Korea to travel to Japan, the idol group was seen at Incheon Airport and later they arrived at Narita International Airport where more fans welcomed them as well.

SEVENTEEN traveled outside of Korea for the first time in two years, this is how they arrived in Japan

12 of the 13 members of SEVENTEEN were seen at the Incheon Airport in Korea, they were on their way to Japan as they will hold their Japanese fanmeeting 'HANABI' in a few days. The one who did not appear with the idols was S.Coups, as he would later travel with the group's manager due to a problem with his passport.

A few hours later, SEVENTEEN fansites shared some photos of the idol group arriving at Narita in Japan. CARAT was very happy to see Wonwoo again with his teammates. Seungkwan, Jun, and Hoshi also gave various updates on their trip and arrival in Japan.


When will SEVENTEEN's HANABI Japanese fanmeeting be?

On May 7 and 8, 2022 at the Super Saitama Arena, the Japanese fanmeeting of SEVENTEEN 'HANABI' will be held, the members of the group traveled in advance because they must be in quarantine before being able to have activities in the country to which they just arrived.

SEVENTEEN traveled to Japan for their next fanmeeting | Twitter: @sounds_of_cheol

The best thing is that the second date of the SEVENTEEN fanmeeting will also be broadcast live on the internet, so don't hesitate to buy your ticket and enjoy this great event no matter where you are in the world.

And speaking about SEVENTEEN and HANABI, here we tell you everything about how the idol group sold out the tickets for this fanmeeting. 

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