SEVENTEEN releases pieces of HOT so CARAT can make their own version SEVENTEEN releases pieces of HOT so CARAT can make their own version

SEVENTEEN invites CARAT to create their own version of HOT from Face The Sun

'HOT' is the title track of 'Face The Sun', SEVENTEEN's upcoming album and the group wants CARAT to put together their own version

SEVENTEEN always puts great creativity into each comeback and this time the group wants CARAT to make their own song with small parts of 'HOT', the title track of their upcoming full album 'Face The Sun'.

SEVENTEEN is a very unique group, the members of this group have great creativity that is reflected in their songs, performances, concerts and even their albums. Not only because of the songs, but also because of the inclusions that they usually have. Something innovative always appears in each comeback.

For example, in 'Semicolon', SVT gave CARAT a sewing kit to create the small logo for this special album. In 'Heng:garæ', the fandom could create their own photobook. With the release of 'Face The Sun', SEVENTEEN's upcoming full length album, new surprises could come for their fans. For now, we know that it will include a highlighter, what will this be for?

And it is that CARAT also has a lot of creativity and the fandom proved it with their sogos. SEVENTEEN added this little drum to their merch for CARATLAND 2022, but the product sold out and what did the fans who couldn't buy it do? Customizing their own and with beautiful paintings they made a wide variety of sogos for the group's fanmeetings.

This time, SEVENTEEN wants CARAT to do their own version of 'HOT', although the song is not released yet, the group left all their pieces for fans to put together to their liking.

SEVENTEEN releases HOT in parts for CARAT to put together their own version of Face The Sun's title track

Through SEVENTEEN's official networks, the group shared a link to Drive files. These are parts of the song 'HOT', the title track of 'Face The Sun', so CARAT can mix them and create their own version of the song that is not released yet. There is a world of possibilities to make a song with these pieces of the original track.

The video above was an example that SEVENTEEN posted on their Twitter, so it may be yet another preview of 'HOT' from 'Face The Sun', there really is a world of possibilities. Surely CARAT will put all its creativity and generate different tracks. These should be shared on TikTok.

What will SEVENTEEN's HOT be like according to the pieces the group revealed?

 The first thing we can notice is that there is a pretty heavy riff in the song, it also has these drum effects that sound like those action packed soundtracks in our favorite movies. In previous teasers we have been able to hear the classic sound of the Wild West, also a bit of Hip-Hop in the latest teaser for Music Bank. Sounds like a very interesting combination.

There is exactly one week left to listen to 'Face The Sun' by SEVENTEEN, all its songs and especially 'HOT' which is the title track. But, to tell you the truth, we are excited for the whole album since in the words of the idols of the group 'all their songs can be title tracks', OMG!

Keep reading more abou SEVENTEEN and its members, like BooSeokSoon which will have a comeback soon too and CARAT can't be more excited!

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