SEVENTEEN's first win with HOT SEVENTEEN's first win with HOT

SEVENTEEN got their first win with HOT on a Korean music show

Finally! SEVENTEEN and HOT triumphed with their last performance and thus took the first win in this comeback

SEVENTEEN already got their first victory with 'HOT' from 'Face The Sun', so they got this great trophy that places another star in the group's history.

SEVENTEEN has been having a lot of success with 'Face The Sun' their most recent full lenght album in which we can find many amazing tracks like 'Don Quixote', 'March', 'Ash' and even 'Darl+ing', their first English single that was released a few months ago.

This time, SVT broke their personal pre-sale records, 'Face The Sun' reached two million sales since then. Later, on the first day it also achieved a huge amount of sales and the group joined BTS as the only groups with more than 1 million sales on the first day of an album release.

In terms of digital platforms, SEVENTEEN has also been showing great power with 'Face The Sun', YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and Shazam prove how much the songs on this album have been heard. Especially 'HOT' since it's the title track that was chosen for this comeback.

And this time, 'HOT' gave SEVENTEEN their first win in this new era with 'Face The Sun', the idol group finally celebrated the victory and got their first trophy of 2022.

SEVENTEEN got their first win with 'HOT' on M! Countdown, this is how they celebrated their first trophy of 2022

After SEVENTEEN's performance of 'Darl+ing' and 'HOT' on M! Countdown, the idol group got their first win in the 'Face The Sun' era. SVT took home the now typical MNet trophy and celebrated their victory over Daniel Kang who was also nominated for the award. After that they did the encore type, it was simple and fun in front of the fans who were on the set.

CARAT is more than happy for SEVENTEEN's first win with 'HOT', the fandom was worried because there are very powerful groups with more comebacks and the competition is getting stronger.

 How was SEVENTEEN's HOT performance on M! Countdown?

Here we have SEVENTEEN's HOT performance on M! Countdown, it was great, we love the stage and the costumes because they go very well with the concept that they decided to use this time it was just magnificent, honestly we can't get enough of the choreography of 'HOT'.

'HOT' has a very rough concept, with fire and much more that we have really loved so far, don't you think it's sensational? We really love everything about this SEVENTEEN comeback that may bring surprises in July (a repackage, for example, with the subunit songs that weren't on 'Face The Sun', will our wallet be able to handle it? We'll find out). 

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