SEVENTEEN got its firts win with _WORLD SEVENTEEN got its firts win with _WORLD

SEVENTEEN get their first win with _WORLD on a music show, what new award do they have?

SEVENTEEN's '_WORLD' now has its 1st win, which Korean music show did they conquered?

SEVENTEEN is in a new era and they keep racking up wins, this time they got their first win with '_WORLD' on a Korean music show.

SEVENTEEN is a great K-Pop group that has conquered millions of fans around the world. Through the 7 years since their debut, they have achieved great goals and objectives that perhaps even they as Pledis Entertainment trainees never imagined. Its success is in part thanks to the hard work of its amazing members.

It is also thanks to all the love that SVT receives, CARAT's support has made the idol group grow year by year and we know that they are very grateful for their fans. Although it is no longer surprising to see that every time, SEVENTEEN breaks new records, breaks their personal bests and so on.

Right now we are in the era of 'Sector 17', which came perhaps too quickly, as we still couldn't get over what 'Face The Sun' brought us. SEVENTEEN's new title track '_WORLD' performed at various music shows in Korea for just one week. They are now preparing for their long-awaited world tour.

But '_WORLD' has been just wonderful, this track already gave SEVENTEEN their first win in this new era and that's how they received the grand prize on a Korean music show.

SEVENTEEN's _WORLD got their first win on the music program Show Champion, this is how they got the award

SEVENTEEN's '_WORLD' was #1 on Show Champion this week, so now the 'Sector 17' title track has its first win. This accumulates one more victory in the history of SVT and is the first of this new era of the idol group with its most recent comeback. All thanks to the votes and streaming of CARAT, since in this show they didn't even have a performance, OMG.

So SEVENTEEN already has their first win with '_WORLD' and we can't be more than happy. With 'HOT' they achieved 2 wins, perhaps in this era they have the same number.

CARAT is celebrating SEVENTEEN with the hashtag #_WORLD1stWin

CARAT is more than happy to see SEVENTEEN's idols succeed and that is why with the hashtag #_WORLD1stWin they are celebrating this first win of '_WORLD' on Korean music shows. The truth is that in general, 'Sector 17' is doing well on Korean and international digital platforms, as well as sales on Gaon and in the US.

CARAT is happy for SEVENTEEN's _WORLD first win | Twitter: @miwon17_

We're so happy for SEVENTEEN and _WORLD, this is such an amazing song, we all love it! And we hope that it gets more wins.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and Sector 17, here we have a special performance of _WORLD that we all loved too. 

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