SEVENTEEN and Lee Soo Hyuk's friendship SEVENTEEN and Lee Soo Hyuk's friendship

SEVENTEEN gave actor Lee Soo Hyuk a special gift showing his friendship with THE8

Did you know that SEVENTEEN's Minghao is friends with actor Lee Soo Hyuk? And the group gave him a special gift that he appreciated

The members of SEVENTEEN are wonderful and also friendly, like THE8 who have a beautiful friendship with actor Lee Soo Hyuk and this time they showed it with a more than special gift.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most relevant groups in the K-Pop industry, its members have worked hard on their songs and performances. But we can not only appreciate the talents of these artists, but also their diverse, fun and unique personalities. They really are great.

Like THE8, one of the dancing specialists on SVT who also sings wonderfully and has even shown his skills as a rapper or beatboxer. In addition, he has a great personality, he seems quiet, reserved, but he is also firm, determined and often very funny.

On the other hand, we have actor Lee Soo Hyuk, who we have seen in a lot of K-Dramas like 'Doom at Your Service', 'Born Again', and most recently in 'Tomorrow'. This great actor is quite talented and has various facets in his career. In addition to also having a very cool personality.

And what do SEVENTEEN and Lee Soo Hyuk have in common? Well, it seems that Minghao and Hoshi have a great friendship with this Korean actor and the whole group sent him a big gift for the premiere of 'Face The Sun' and his friendship with the SVT dancers.

SEVENTEEN sent an autographed album to Lee Soo Hyuk and he thanked THE8

Through his Instagram Stories, actor Lee Soo Hyuk shared a photo of his autographed albums 'Face The Sun' that SEVENTEEN sent him. He thanked Hoshi and THE8 by tagging them in his post. It seems that the actor has a friendship with both.

SEVENTEEN sent these albums to Lee Soo Hyuk | Instagram: @leesoohyuk

Oh, what a beautiful friendship the SEVENTEEN idols have with actor Lee Soo Hyuk, it is definitely something very cute that many fans may not have known.

How did Minghao and Lee Soo Hyuk's friendship was born?

Perhaps Minghao and Lee Soo Hyuk's friendship is unexpected, it is not known exactly how they became friends. Only CARAT noticed that they followed each other on Weibo, after that, just a few days ago, someone saw them eating at a restaurant. Also, in an interview, the Korean actor confessed that he was getting interested in meditation and drinking tea because of a close friend who did it and we know well who that close friend is.

Minghao and Lee Soo Hyuk's friendship | Twitter: @the8pics

Now you know more about this beautiful friendship that THE8 and Lee Soo Hyuk have created, isn't it amazing? We love the interactions of idols with more stars.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Dokyeom who confessed who is his personal hero, it's an actor. 

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