SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun Path version SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun Path version

SEVENTEEN finds its Path in new teaser photos for Face The Sun

SEVENTEEN's comeback with Face The Sun is very close and the group thrills CARAT with new concept photos, this time in their 'Path' version

SEVENTEEN's next album is extremely special, 'Face The Sun' will be a full-length album with a concept full of mysteries and messages that we will have to reveal very soon. But in the meantime, we find new clues in the concept photos that the idol group has released.

SEVENTEEN has everything ready for their next comeback, it's been a while since the last one they had with 'Attacca', a mini album full of great songs like 'Rock With You', 'Crush', '2 MINUS 1', among others that managed to captivate the fans of this idol group once again.

But SVT's next release will be more special, the boy band's new comeback will be with a full album. This represents many changes in the idol group, as they usually change their rings and there are many more songs to enjoy, new concepts and even new subunits that surprise CARAT.

'Face The Sun' is SEVENTEEN's next album, the members of the group have revealed that in a certain way it will be a dark album in which they will reveal their fears, worries and other feelings that perhaps before lived in the shadows. SVT members also said that all the songs on this upcoming release could sound like a title track.

So we can't wait any longer for 'Face The Sun' and SEVENTEEN continues to create anticipation for the release of their new full album with teasers and more, this time there are the conceptual photos of the fourth version called 'Path'.

SEVENTEEN reveals its new Path version in Face The Sun concept photos

Through their official social media, SEVENTEEN revealed the new concept photos for 'Face The Sun', this time it's the 'Path' version of the new album. There are 5 versions of it and 4 different concepts have been revealed so far, each seems to be a chapter of the same story, what will we find at the end?

Face The Sun's Path concept photos by SEVENTEEN | Instagram: @saythename_17

Do you have everything ready for SEVENTEEN's comeback? Face The Sun will bring a new era to the idol group and it will be full of surprises. This new SVT album is released on May 27, 2022, the world is extremely excited for this release.

HOT could be the title track of SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun according to these spoilers and theories

It could be that 'HOT' is the title track of SEVENTEEN's 'Face The Sun', a theory has been created about this word, because it has been something that the group's idols have been repeating a lot lately. Vernon had it in one of the previews of the Going Seventeen show in collaboration with MMGT. And now that Seungkwan, Mingyu, and DK appeared on a variety show, they kept saying 'HOT,' so CARAT thinks it might be a clue.

Is HOT the title track for Face The Sun? | Twitter: @dawncheol

SEVENTEEN's tracklist will be released very soon so we may know the real name of Face The Sun's title track in a few days, while we can wait and continue to guide us with the group's comeback clues. 

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