SEVENTEEN for Darl+ing SEVENTEEN for Darl+ing

SEVENTEEN excites CARAT with a 'Voice Message' for their comeback 'Darl+ing'

SEVENTEEN will release their first English single. The group has dropped a new and unique teaser for 'Darl+ing'

The upcoming single of SEVENTEEN will be their first full English title. Due to the "Million Seller" title these Idols already have there are high expectations. "Darl+ing" will be part of the next project of the group with a full album. The self-produced Idols are ready for the release.

Pledis Entertainment has been giving us a little bit of the concept for "Darl+ing". In recent days, the official social media accounts of the band posted some photos of the members. We can see the guys wearing pastels and nude outfits while they pose in the middle of a valley.

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan for 'Darl+ing' / By @pledis_17

This ethereal photoshoot is making CARAT really excited for the song. If that wasn't enough, now SEVENTEEN drop an unique teaser for the song. Did you already receive the "voice message" of the members? We tell you how can you listen to it.

SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo for 'Darl+ing' / By @pledis_17

A fragment of 'Darl+ing' in SEVENTEEN Voice Message

On April 11 the official Twitter account of SEVENTEEN released a new teaser for the comeback of the band, it is a "Voice Message". We see the screen of a smartphone checking a chat conversation. We get a message from "Darling'':

Been waiting for your call every night

But I can't wait no more

Then a voice note is played. Is the sweet voice of WOOZI singing for us. "You Know, Without you I'm so lonely..." Just a few seconds of the song and we already love it!

SEVENTEEN's WOOZI for 'Darl+ing' / By @pledis_17

For the previous clip "Digital Single 'Darl+ing' Mood Teaser" we saw a colorful wall with photos and hand-writen messages of the members. Darl+ing will be released on April 11. Are you ready, CARAT? If you are not, we got you! Here are all the datails of SEVENTEEN English single.

SEVENTEEN is always looking for new and creative ways to communicate through their music. At the same time, the K-Pop superstars are innovating in their promotions. What would you aswer to the members voice mesage?

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