SEVENTEEN's new era and world tour is coming soon! SEVENTEEN's new era and world tour is coming soon!

SEVENTEEN enters a new era and announces its next world tour

SEVENTEEN's CARATLAND ended with many surprises for the group's fans, as their next world tour with a new stage was announced.

SEVENTEEN is all set to travel around the world to see CARAT international, and their new world tour proves it! Are they going to visit your country?

SEVENTEEN is a great K-Pop group that has 13 very talented and charismatic members. The authenticity of this boy band is reflected in each of their songs and performances dedicated especially to all the fans who have supported the idols since their debut.

Today, SVT is one of the most important groups in K-Pop, the idol group has taken over a large part of the public thanks to the hard work of its artists and the great songs they present for CARAT. There is nothing that this boy band does of poor quality and their music and content prove it.

Recently, SEVENTEEN returned to live concerts after a long wait of over two years to see CARAT. The idol group's annual fanmeeting was held for 3 days in which everything was happiness and celebration for the fandom and the group. For the third date, fans from all over the world were able to be part of this event with its online streaming.

At the end of SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND, it was that S.Coups gave great news for fans around the world and the new era of SVT has already begun, which excites CARAT for everything new that the idol group must be preparing.

SEVENTEEN welcomes their new era with a new logo for the group and CARAT

At the end of SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND, the idol group released a teaser for their next era, the K-Pop group's new official logo that will be used for their upcoming releases. The idols also gave their fandom a new logo, so both of them are in the new era.

Let's remember that in April there will be several activities of SEVENTEEN, maybe in the middle or end of the month they will release their first single in English. On April 20 and 23, their film and documentary 'Power Of Love' will be released in theaters around the world and in May it will be the group's comeback with a long-awaited full album by their fans.

There is a lot that SEVENTEEN has prepared for the fans, we can't wait for their new music which Hoshi said was obviously made by SVT's mastermind Woozi, our great producer created the song in English and worked a lot on the next full album which CARAT is looking forward to it.

S.Coups spoils that there will be SEVENTEEN world tour, when will it start?

At CARATLAND, S.Coups also revealed that SEVENTEEN will be having their world tour, something that many international CARATs have been looking forward to. There are no dates announced yet, but surely they will begin to release the information very soon. Maybe it's after their Japanese fanmeeting 'HANABI' which will be held in May. We hope they will visit our city to enjoy the idol group live. 

S.Coups revealed SEVENTEEN's next world tour | Twitter: @viethoshi

How exiting! We can't wait for everything that SEVENTEEN has ready for the world, new music, new concerts and many more years of happiness for CARAT and the boy band idols who never stop giving their best for their fans <3.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, did you know that some of them are not Korean? Get to know their nacionalities. 

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