DK for '13 Inner Shadows' DK for '13 Inner Shadows'

SEVENTEEN drops new '13 Inner Shadows' trailer starring DK

We are getting more details for the upcoming SEVENTEEN album "Face the Sun" DK stars a strange teaser for the "13 Inner Shadows" series.

After 6 months the K-Pop sensation SEVENTEEN is ready to release a new album. The singers of "Left and Right" will be doing a comeback with the studio album "Face The Sun" on May 27.

A couple of weeks ago the group dropped their first full English single "Darl+ing". This track has lovely lyrics and the melody seems sweet and playful. However the music video for the song has a deep and complicated message. 

Apparently, the story CARAT already saw on this video will continue with the release of SEVENTEEN 4th full album. The anticipation is increasing because of the trailers we are receiving. Finally, the DK teaser is here.

DK for 'Face The Sun' trailer / By @cheolidle

DK is in a strange place for the new "Face The Sun" trailer

On May 3th the HYBE official Youtube channel revealed a new trailer for the "13 Inner Shadows" series. This time DK is giving us a preview of what we will see in the "Face The Sun" album. As soon as it starts the title "Smile Emoji" appears.

DK is in a small but colorful room full of people but no one is looking at him. Then the Idol finds a paper bag on the floor, it has an expressionless emoji printed on it.

Since everyone is wearing the bag to cover their faces, DK decided to use it as well. Finally the emoji of the mask he is wearing becomes a smile one. Check the full video here.

The fans are debating about the meaning of this video. Some CARATs are thinking this is a metaphor that explores our distress to please with what society wants of us. On the other hand, it could be DK's fear of losing his happiness.

In your opinion, what is the meaning of this trailer? Are you ready for SEVENTEEN comeback?

If you want to know all the details about the previous "Face The Sun" trailers, read this article.

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