SEVENTEEN discloses tracklist for 'Sector 17', what are the new songs?

SEVENTEEN is increasing the anticipation for the repackaged album "Sector 17". Finally, the tracklist is here! These are the new songs of the group.

Did you listen to the latest SEVENTEEN album? No? What are you waiting for? It's awesome! As was expected, these talented Idols just know how to drop hits. "Face The Sun" is a project that explores how the members are facing their fears.

The pre-release single "Darl+ing" is a soft song that will welcome you to the powerful album. Then the title single "HOT" appears to point out the main topic of the project: overcoming hardships. Such a masterpiece!

SEVENTEEN for 'Sector 17' / Twitter @pledis_17

The handsome Idols have all the secrets to creating the most interesting music in the industry. Right now, the group is getting ready to reveal the repackaged version called "Sector 17". PLEDIS Entertainment just drop the tracklist. We have all the details for you.

SEVENTEEN reveal the tracklist for the repackaged album "Sector 17"

On July 3th SEVENTEEN dropped the tracklist of the upcoming album "Sector 17". It will include all the tracks of "Face The Sun". As usual, Woozi and Bumzu are the credits owners of every single song of the project.

'Sector 17' tracklist / Twitter @pledis_17

A new song will be in charge of the opening: "Circles". The title single of the album is the track named "World". There are more surprises, SEVENTEEN will include the Korean version of "Falling Flower", which was a beautiful Japanese single released in 2020.

CARAT needs to be ready for the comeback of one of the most beloved sub-units. The SEVENTEEN leaders are coming back! S.Coups, Woozi and Hoshi will reveal the track "CHEERS". We can't wait for it!

 The rest of the songs are in the original order of the previous album. CARAT are you ready for the new songs? Sector 17 will be released on July 17th. We just have to wait a little bit more.

Did you know that Woozi was the best producer in 2021? Read some other fun facts about him to love him even more.

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