SEVENTEEN performing 'HOT' SEVENTEEN performing 'HOT'

SEVENTEEN celebrates impressive 'Face The Sun' debut on Billboard Top 200 Albums

The latest SEVENTEEN's album "Face The Sun" is breaking tons of records. It debuted at No.7 on the Billboard 200 chart.

As was expected, one of the best seller K-Pop groups of the moment, SEVENTEEN is conquering new records with its latest album. The singers of "Don't Wanna Cry" went back to the scenarios with their 4th full album, "Face The Sun".

These talented Idols don't know how to drop bad songs. This project gave us nothing but awesome songs. From the pre-release track "Darl+ing" to the insane title single "HOT" or the last song "Ash". Every single track is a masterpiece!

SEVENTEEN for 'Face The Sun' / Twitter @pledis_17

Just in the first week, the album sold more than 2 million copies. SEVENTEEN's popularity is not a joke! Now, the group is also conquering the global charts. This is its new Billboard achievement with the album.

SEVENTEEN conquers the Billboard 200 chart with Face The Sun

On June 12th Billboard revealed its charts for the current week. SEVENTEEN get into the top 10 of the Top 200 Albums for the first time with "Face The Sun". The chart ranks the most popular albums in the United States.

SEVENTEEN for 'HOT' / Twitter @WorldwideCarats

The album debuted on the chart with 44 k units. SEVENTEEN's previous album didn't get into the top ten but got great marks as well: "Your Choice" No.15 and "Attacca" No.13.

Meanwhile, CARAT is celebrating the awesome achievement on social media. On the other hand, Seungkwan also shared his happiness by posting his gratitude on Weverse.

Thank you so much for the 7th place on Billboard 200.

Melon weely Popularity Award! Thank you again for giving us the first place.

Seungkwan's post on Weverse / Twitter @SK17Chile

SEVENTEEN's popularity is not a joke! Congratulations to the members!

Just like Seungkwan said, this is also the result of the hard work of CARAT. At the same time, the effort and friendship of the members is quite an important factor. These good-looking Idols don't want to live apart. Here's the story.

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