SEVENTEEN made this donation for its 7th anniversary SEVENTEEN made this donation for its 7th anniversary

SEVENTEEN celebrated their 7th anniversary with a great donation for youth and children

SEVENTEEN shares with those who need it most to celebrate 7 years since their debut

The members of SEVENTEEN are not only totally talented artists, they are also great people with a good heart that we adore and this time they showed it by celebrating with those who need it most. They donated on their seventh anniversary to these causes.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most relevant K-Pop groups that has first conquered millions of fans with their great songs and performances. This self-produced group has the best music for each person who gives themselves the opportunity to listen and enjoy them.

But, the members of SVT are not only professionals with their music, they are also super nice people and all of them have shown to have a pure heart. They have really formed a great family that we adore a lot. Their personalities and charismas are very different, but authentic and finally all of them are extremely amazing, they are good people.

This is why CARAT is happy to standardize not only a complete group with great artists, but also human beings with big hearts who reflect contagious happiness and joy in their songs and performances. This is what brightens up fans' days thanks to SEVENTEEN.

This year SEVENTEEN celebrates 7 years as a group since their debut on May 26, 2015, and to enlarge the party they not only shared together and with CARAT. They also made a large donation for youth and children.

SEVENTEEN joined UNESCO with a big donation in commemoration of the group's 7th anniversary

The UNESCO Korean committee revealed that SEVENTEEN made a significant donation to this association to support youth and children. The idols did this charity act to commemorate and celebrate their seventh anniversary. Such a good act that reveals the sweetest and most beautiful in the hearts of the SVT members.

SEVENTEEN celebrated its 7th anniversary with this donation | Twitter: @pledis_17

We love these beautiful actions of SEVENTEEN with those who need it most. The funds will go to education and more for children and young people. SVT doesn't leave its mark only on music, but also with people who really need it. These idols are wonderful.

All members of SEVENTEEN celebrated their anniversary on Weverse

Through Weverse, each member of SEVENTEEN posted their celebration post to commemorate their seventh anniversary. They all look forward to a bright future with their members and thanked CARAT for all this time together. It was a very happy anniversary for the idols and their fans.

Some of the posts from SEVENTEEN members | Twitter: @kaiaxiii

We couldn't be happier on this seventh anniversary of SEVENTEEN, in addition to the fact that there are hours left to listen to Face The Sun, the comeback will be stronger than ever, we are really happy.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, and also their 7th anniversary, did you watched their special video

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