SEVENTEEN had special guests at the second date of Be The Sun SEVENTEEN had special guests at the second date of Be The Sun

SEVENTEEN brought together idols from BTS, NCT, MONSTA X, and more at Be The Sun

A lot of idols were invited to SEVENTEEN's 'Be The Sun' 2nd concert, who did we see there?

Members of groups like BTS, SHINee, ENHYPEN, NCT, MONSTA X, and more Korean stars attended SEVENTEEN's 2nd 'Be The Sun' concert.

SEVENTEEN is a great K-Pop group, with extremely talented idols dedicated to music. They also have beautiful personalities with which they have not only managed to charm their fans. Wherever the members of this boy band are, there will be a lot of fun.

In this last couple of days we saw them working hard on stage, SVT kicked off their new World Tour with two big dates in Korea, they performed for the first time at Gocheok Sky Dome and now their concert poster will be filed next to it of many other groups and artists who have played there.

In 'Be The Sun' we had a lot of surprises, SEVENTEEN had the performance of new songs like 'March' and 'Shadow', there was no lack of classics like 'Boom Boom' and 'Mansae'. And also the subunits had their special stages that we all loved. The best thing is that not only Korea's CARAT was able to be a part of the concerts as they were streamed online.

And not only was CARAT in the audience, there were also a lot of idols who came to see SEVENTEEN from bands like BTS, ENHYPEN, NCT and more friends of SVT members.

Idols from BTS, NCT, MONSTA X, ENHYPEN, and SHINee attended SEVENTEEN's 2nd concert for Be The Sun

BTS' Jungkook, ENHYPEN's Jay, Sunghoon, Ni-Ki, MONSTA X's Hyungwon, ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo, SHINee's Key, NCT's Chenle, Kun,. WinWin, Renjun, and WOODZ attended SEVENTEEN's second concert on their Be The Sun tour. According to Hoshi, they were special guests who enjoyed the concert to the fullest.

NCT and MONSTA X's Hyungwon at SEVENTEEN's concert | Twttier: @miwon17_

Jungkook even went to take photos with the whole group, of course, who stood next to his friends from Line 97, Mingyu, DK and Minghao. 

Jungkook with SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @BTSChartsDailyx

And also NCT's China Line met Jun and THE8 who are also SEVENTEEN's Chinese idols <3.

NCT China Line and SEVENTEEN China Line | Twitter: @nctzenbase

 Some Korean actors also went to Be The Sun's SEVENTEEN concert

Lee Soohyuk and Bae Jiwan also went to SEVENTEEN's concert, both Korean actors bragged about it on their social media, well Instagram LOL. It was epic, how lucky that they were able to get together and see the idols of SVT on stage and with this newly released show.

Lee Soohyuk showed his banner at the SEVENTEEN's concert | Instagram: @leesohyuk

Bae Jiwan even went backstage and took photos with SEVENTEEN members OMG.

Bae Jiwan and SEVENTEEN | Instagram: @94_1031

 I particularly loved all these interactions, I don't know about you, LOL. Read on for more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Jeonghan who, despite having his arm in a cast, gave it his all on both Be The Sun dates.

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