Hoshi received a great gift from SEVENTEEN Hoshi received a great gift from SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN bought Hoshi a very expensive present for his birthday, what did they give him?

A few weeks ago, Hoshi celebrated his birthday and SEVENTEEN gave him a special and very expensive gift

SEVENTEEN proved their love for each other once again by giving Hoshi the best birthday present, all the members cooperated to buy it.

SEVENTEEN idols are not just co-workers and we know that very well. Over time, all the members of this K-Pop group have become extremely close. They have spent more than 7 years together as they started knowing each other since they were Pledis Entertainment trainees.

Their union is very significant and they have all proven to have great affection for each other. SVT is a great family which CARAT loves to see together, knowing that they always show their support and affection for each other on various occasions. That none of them want to have a place individually and continue to share a bedroom.

We can say that the boys of SEVENTEEN are really inseparable and in the future they want to continue living close to each other and continue sharing their experiences and others. Although it does not need to be a special date for us to remember it, on birthdays, SVT idols do not skimp on gifts.

And this time, Hoshi received a very special gift from all his groupmates, what did SEVENTEEN give this member for his birthday?

SEVENTEEN gave Hoshi the most expensive and special jeans for his birthday, how much did they cost?

All the members of SEVENTEEN put up a part of the money to buy Hoshi some pretty expensive, special and even exclusive jeans. It's a Levi's x Chrome Hearts pants, it cost around 10 million won, which is around 7,630 dollars, OMG. Also, these pants can only be purchased by Chrome Hearts VVIP costumers.

Hoshi wore his jeans at Be The Sun concert | Twitter: @_tillthetop

Hoshi flexed his jeans at the Be The Sun concert, he also showed them recently in an interview, it seems he really loved this gift that all his SEVENTEEN members gave him.

Jeonghan was the one who had the idea to give these jeans to Hoshi on his birthday

Nobody but Jeonghan knew what Hoshi wanted for his birthday, so his idea was to buy these jeans together for the SEVENTEEN dancer. The other idols were in charge of putting their part although it is still a secret how they managed to buy them as they were not Chrome Hearts VIPP clients. They also celebrate Soonyoung while filming the '_WORLD' MV.


Aw! It seems that Hoshi really had a great birthday this year, we are happy that he received a great gift that he really wanted and that he spent time with his dear members as well.

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