SEVENTEEN bless CARAT ears with unexpected band version of its single '_WORLD'

SEVENTEEN is shocking the public with its flawless vocal performance for "_WORLD". The group has revealed a band version of the beloved single.

SEVENTEEN is finishing promotions for the album "Sector 17". The K-Pop sensation is really powerful. In just a few days, the repackaged album sold over 1 million copies. Its popularity is out of this world.

The singers of "HOT" have already seven million-seller albums. It makes sense, their fandom is getting bigger and bigger. Is pretty to get engaged thanks to their music. Anyways, you are going to stay in the fandom after getting to know their fun and lovely personalities.

SEVENTEEN for 'Sector 17' / Twitter @AppleMusic

Is very common to see these good-looking Idols showing their gratitude to CARAT. They prepared a new surprise to say thank you. This '_WORLD' band version will blow your mind. The members are showing again their wonderful vocal skills.

SEVENTEEN drops '_WORLD' band version

On July 26th SEVENTEEN revealed a special version of its successful single "_WORLD". This video was recorded in a beautiful location surrounded by warm lights. It is the perfect environment to perform a song with a sweet message.

This track is energetic and lovely at the same time. Is hard to believe that this version sound even better. All the spotlight is on the member vocals. The 13 Idols are super skillful singers. Their voices are awesome!

This time, Seungkwan, DK, and Woozi are singing some new adlibs that are not part of the studio version. Their performance will brighten your day. These talented gentlemen are truly enjoying the show.

We cannot leave without talking about their looks. The Idols are wearing comfy outfits. The dress code is mostly jeans a t-shits, however, their visuals are out of this world. This show is a masterpiece. Check the full performance here.

Let us know, what is your favorite part of this version?

SEVENTEEN, BTS, and more K-Pop artists are nominated for the MTV Music Video Awards 2022. Read more about it here.

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