SEVENTEEN and IU are friends now and we love it SEVENTEEN and IU are friends now and we love it

SEVENTEEN appeared on IU's show and they all are good friends now

Some of the SEVENTEEN members were guests on 'IU's Pallete' and became friends with the singer

IU invited some of the SEVENTEEN members to her show and they had the best times, now SEVENTEENIU are friends.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most relevant K-Pop groups at the moment, its members are extremely talented and dedicated. All the idols in this group work hard on their songs and performances to show the best of themselves for their fans. CARAT is a very happy fandom thanks to the idol group.

On the other hand, IU is a K-Pop vocalist with a long history. Since her debut she became one of the favorite singers in the industry and little by little she has shown more of her talent in every comeback and project that this amazing idol has. She has also worked hard as the members of SVT.

And what else do SEVENTEEN and IU have in common? Well, it's well known that some group members like DK and Wonwoo are total fanboys of this singer. But IU also likes SVT, did you know that? And besides, now the group and the soloist have a friendship.

How was this friendship born? Some of the SEVENTEEN members were invited to IU's show and now they became friends, that's how they had fun on 'IU's Palette'.

SEVENTEEN was a guest on IU's Palette and they are now friends with the singer

DK, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Woozi and Dino were invited to the show 'IU's Palette' where they shared time with IU and actually became friends. Lee Ji Eun covered SVT's song 'Darl+ing', while the members of SEVENTEEN covered IU's 'Blueming'.

IU also said that she liked SEVENTEEN's 'Face The Sun', she said that her favorite song on the album is 'Domino' in which Mingyu participated as a song writer. She thinks it's a very chic song.

IU promised that from now on, she and SEVENTEEN are friends

At the end of the show, after a great interview and beautiful moments that IU shared with SEVENTEEN, she assured that they are now friends and that she will support them every time she sees them. Awww! It was something super cute, we love this interaction and new friendship created in K-Pop.

IU is friends with SEVENTEEN now and she will cheer for them | Twitter: @minwonlogy

This show was totally great, we love IU and SEVENTEEN's interactions and the interview, covers and other dynamics were very interesting to watch, don't you think it's great?

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