SEVENTEEN will have a new ring soon SEVENTEEN will have a new ring soon

SEVENTEEN announces new ring ceremony with meaningful video for CARAT

Did you know that the members of SEVENTEEN share a special ring? Every so often they have to change them and very soon they will have a new one

Every time SEVENTEEN releases a full album, the idols must change their shared rings, this year they will have a new jewel on their fingers and announce their ceremony with a video full of feelings.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most popular and successful K-Pop groups at the moment. Their music has conquered millions of fans around the world who do not hesitate to show their support and love for this amazing idol group full of talent. 13 members united by destiny who work as the best team.

The history of SVT begins before their debut, when the boys who are now part of the boy band began their periods as trainees in Pledis Entertainment. Something that is documented in '17TV', the reality show that the agency recorded in those pre-debut times.

Year after year we have witnessed the great growth of SEVENTEEN, its evolution and different changes. Both together and alone, the group's artists have displayed their vast talents and stand out with their various skills. This is how they have earned the love of CARAT, the faithful fandom that would never leave idols alone.

SEVENTEEN shares a special ring, all the members have it and it's time to modify it, so with a video full of feelings, the group announces that they will have their new ring ceremony soon.

SEVENTEEN is ready for a new ring and with this feelingful video they announce their next ceremony

Through its official account on YouTube, SEVENTEEN released a new video, it is an animation in which the ceremony for the idol group's new ring is announced. This short film tells the full story of SVT and has a lot of significant moments for the group and for CARAT. It is completely in English and was narrated by Joshua.

 Although the date of the new ring ceremony was not revealed, the new design that the idols will wear from now on was shown. What a thrill! The new era of SEVENTEEN has many surprises, two years have passed since the last change of rings.

How often does SEVENTEEN change their rings?

Every time SEVENTEEN releases a new full album they change their rings, the first one they got when each member was accepted as official members of SVT. This was changed when the group released 'Love & Letter'. Later, with the release of 'Teen, Age', the idols had a new ring. They had the fourth ring with the release of 'An Ode'. The fifth time they change their jewel, it will arrive with their next full album that will be released in May 2022.

SEVENTEEN's rings | Twitter: @1woo17

What a thrill! SEVENTEEN's new ring design is very beautiful and the first photo of the idols wearing it in black suits has already come out. Could it be that the concept of the next album will be something dark? OMG, we can't wait. There are only a few days left until we have the first English single from SVT and later the expected full album.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN, we tell you everything about the Tweet that made CARAT theorize about SVT, what is it all about? 

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