SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing takes over iTunes and Spotify SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing takes over iTunes and Spotify

SEVENTEEN and Darl+ing imminently triumph on major music charts around the world

SEVENTEEN's first English single is a great hit for the boy band, 'Darl+ing' achieved new goals since its release

SEVENTEEN is taking over music industry once more with its first English single. 'Darl+ing' has reigned supreme on iTunes since its premiere and that's how it's breaking new records for the K-Pop group.

SEVENTEEN has an amazing teamwork which makes a great band, even if it has 13 members all of them work hard and together in every comeback, performance, project or concert. That's why there's no surprise to find out that they keep taking over music industry with every new release.

This time we'll talk about 'Darl+ing' the first English single which SVT has ever released. This is a warm song with good lyrics, a calm melody for CARAT. They decided to go big with this new song and the idol group is conquering new markets with this track.

Fans loved 'Darl+ing', the concept, the lyrics and more about this song and CARAT is streaming the MV on YouTube, and the song in digital platforms such as Spotify or iTunes. Since the release of 'Darl+ing', it became a trending and searching topic in Korea and the whole world.

So, SEVENTEEN is doing well with 'Darl+ing' which reached new goals for the idol group since its release, how are they reigning in the music industry?

SEVENTEEN reigns supreme on iTunes with Darl+ing in over 30 countries

SEVENTEEN's 'Darl+ing' has taken the #1 place in iTunes charts of more that 30 countries, CARAT is listening to this song on the platform and putting it on the first place, it's just amazing! This is a great new record for SVT and I bet they're so happy to know. They're also #1 in the iTunes global chart.

SEVENTEEN on iTunes charts | Twitter: @emarieyyehoshi

We're so happy for SEVENTEEN, they deserve to be in the first place, 'Darl+ing' is such a masterpiece and we know it'll have a lot more of records and international recognition.

SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing is also shining in other digital platforms

SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing debut on the Top 200 of Spotify at the place #197, and entered the Top 20 for Shazam too, these are new records for SVT and Darl+ing is just great, there are different countries which are showing their support for the idol group.

Darl+ing in Spotify | Twitter: @svtbillboard

We're sure that Darl+ing will keep taking over music charts and gaining recognition, if you haven't listened to this song then what are you waiting for? Stream Darl+ing, darling.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and Darl+ing too, we have everything we love about its MV right here, these were or favorite parts. 

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