SEVENTEEN added more dates to Be The Sun World Tour SEVENTEEN added more dates to Be The Sun World Tour

SEVENTEEN added new dates for Be The Sun world tour in these countries of Asia

Will SEVENTEEN come to your country with Be The Sun? The idol group has already added more dates to their tour, this time they will come to Asia

After the long wait, CARAT from various countries around the world will be able to see SEVENTEEN live again with their Be The Sun tour, in which cities in Asia will they have a concert soon?

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group with extremely talented and charismatic idols. This boy band is extremely popular in various countries around the world, especially in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, the United States and many others that have placed them at the top of their lists.

Previously, SVT has already had a world tour that allowed CARAT from all over the world to see their favorite group live. But with the arrival of the pandemic, the idol group had to separate itself from its public for almost 2 long years. But now that everything has improved, SEVENTEEN is ready to take on the world's stages once again.

This is how the idol group announced the first dates for 'Be The Sun World Tour'. SEVENTEEN will perform in Korea, Canada, and the United States. Tickets for some of the idol group's dates are already sold out, demonstrating their great power and popularity in both Asian and American countries.

And speaking of Asia, Korea will not be the only country that will have SEVENTEEN in concert on said continent, since the idol group has already added more dates to its tour with Asian countries, will the K-Pop group come to your city?

SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun World Tour has new dates for Asia, will the group come to your country?

SEVENTEEN surprised the world with new dates for Be The Sun World Tour, this time adding more countries from Asia. Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore have dates confirmed for September and October 2022. So in a matter of months, CARAT from those countries will be able to see SVT once again live.

SEVENTEEN new dates for Asia in Be The Sun World Tour | Twitter: @pledis_17

The best thing about these dates is that most of the countries that were added will have 2 concerts in their cities, isn't that great? 'Be The Sun' will be even bigger than we thought, but hey! And no pressure, but we're still waiting for more dates and more countries, LOL.

SEVENTEEN also revealed new Be The Sun World Tour special merch

 To get you going to SEVENTEEN's concerts in style, the K-Pop group revealed new special Be The Sun World Tour merch. The protagonists will be BongBongie, the mascot of SVT. Besides that we also have a new sogo for CARAT and some other accessories.

Be The Sun tour merch | Twitter: @svt_ujihorangi

CARAT already has your wallet ready for Be The Sun tickets and merch, right? We are more than ready to see SEVENTEEN live.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, here we have some of their best songs to enjoy DK and Seungkwan's voices

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