SEVENTEEN achieved its seventh Million Seller with Sector 17 SEVENTEEN achieved its seventh Million Seller with Sector 17

SEVENTEEN achieves 7th Million Seller with Sector 17 setting a new record in K-Pop

SEVENTEEN has a new Million Seller in their history and 'Sector 17' made its mark on K-Pop for this reason

Once again the relevance and popularity of SEVENTEEN is visible thanks to the sales that the idol group has achieved with 'Sector 17', the repackage is already a Million Seller and reached a historic mark in K-Pop.

SEVENTEEN is one of the biggest groups in the K-Pop industry right now. It already has an international fandom that is in charge of showing all its love and support in each comeback. There is no doubt that they have more and more fans and continue to gain ground in the music industry.

There are several aspects that we can see to know for sure the impact and popularity that SVT has. Of course, digital platforms are of great importance, which is why CARAT never stops streaming every time the idol group has a new comeback.

But sales are also extremely important and more so if they have their respective count for Gaon, an institution that is in charge of keeping track of the sales achieved by each album in Korea and rewards each released production with different recognitions.

The Million Seller title is something important to every idol group and with 'Sector 17' it's the 7th time SEVENTEEN has achieved it, isn't that amazing? The group also now holds a record never before seen in K-Pop history.

Sector 17 gives SEVENTEEN its seventh Million Seller and achieves a historical mark in K-Pop

SEVENTEEN's Sector 17 managed to sell over 1.12 million copies in its first week of release. All of these counted for Gaon, of course, as the album earned SVT their seventh Million Seller. But not only that, it also achieved a mark as the repackage with the highest number of sales in its first week in the history of K-Pop.

Woah!' So 'Sector 17' is the first repackage in K-Pop history to achieve that number of sales in its first week, it's just great, did you buy this SEVENTEEN album? There is no doubt that it is simply great.

 What other SEVENTEEN albums have achieved Million Seller status?

'Sector 17' is SEVENTEEN's 7th consecutive album to become a Million Seller, so here is the list in order in which SVT achieved this grand title with their different albums.

  1. An Ode
  2. Heng:garae
  3. Semicolon
  4. Your Choice
  5. Attacca
  6. Face The Sun
  7. Sector 17

We are sure that in the upcoming comebacks, SEVENTEEN will continue to achieve Million Sellers thanks to the great love and support they receive from CARAT.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Hoshi who received a special gift from his fellow members during his last birthday.

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