S.Coups, DK and Seungkwan test postive for COVID-19 S.Coups, DK and Seungkwan test postive for COVID-19

S.Coups, DK and Seungkwan tested positive for COVID-19, they're recovering now

Some SEVENTEEN members start with their recovery since they've tested positive for COVID-19, CARAT is worried about them

Pledis Entertainment states everything about S.Coups, DK and Seungkwan's health condition since these SEVENTEEN members have tested positive for COVID-19, they started their recovery rigth away.

Even if the pandemic is still not over, a lot of idols keep working with all the sanitary measures, that's how SEVENTEEN has been working for two years now, they boy band had its comebacks and releases. Even if last year they have to be in voluntary quarantine, these artists were healthy.

But, this year it seems like sickness is a little bit strong and the first one who tested positive for COVID-19 was Wonwoo, this rapper from SVT had a successful recovery a week after being diagnosed. But then, it was Vernon who got sick too.

CARAT was really worried about Hansol, but the fandom would show all of its love and support by sending the best wishes for him. Then, the a fearsome announcement was issued by Pledis Entertainment, Hoshi tested positive too and the fandom feared for the other members.

And as it is, maybe 'cause SEVENTEEN idols have been in touch, another three members from the boy band tested positive for COVID-19, but they've started with their recovery.

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups, DK and Seungkwan test positive for COVID-19 and CARAT worries about them

First, Pledis Entertainment announced that S.Coups, SEVENTEEN's leader, tested positive for COVID-19, and even if the company said that the other members tested negative, other than Wonu, Vernon and Hoshi; hours later the K-Pop agency announced that DK and Seungkwan were also sick.

Four SVT's members are now in quarantine and recovering from this sickness, Pledis said that their activites will stop for some time until they're fully recovered.

S.Coups, DK and Seungkwan are recovering at home | Twitter: @daily_seokhan

CARAT has been sending the best wishes for these idols, the fandom is truly worried about them but they also support them and know that they'll comeback soon and healthy.

S.Coups and DK get in touch with CARAT through Weverse

SEVENTEEN's members know that the fandom is worried about them, so S.Coups posted on Weverse to let the fans know that he'd be back soon.

 I'll be back as Ddunduni*

S.Coups on Weverse | Twitter: @SVT_Fancafe

 *Ddunduni means that he will eat very well while recovering.

DK also took Weverse to soothe CARAT since he knows his fans are concerned about the sickness of him and the other members.

I'll be back with my healthy self

Don't worry too much

DK on Weverse | Twitter: @SVT_Fancafe

With positive energy and good toughts, CARAT is supporting the idols who are recovering, we also wish them to have a good recovery and we want them to come back soon and healthy.

You can read more and more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Mingyu who wants to try this concept with SEVENTEEN during 2022. 

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