BTS for 'Run BTS' BTS for 'Run BTS'

'Run BTS' is finally back! BTS is preparing some changes for its variety show

The beloved show "Run BTS" will be back pretty soon. Here is everything about the upcoming episode.

How did ARMY become the biggest fandom in the world? Of course, the public gets into BTS because of its addictive hits and wonderful performances. However, you'll be officially a fan after falling for the adorable charisma of these singers.

The K-Pop sensation has a super strong connection with the fanatics. Since the members are constantly sharing more about themselves, the relationship with ARMY is awesome. This is the most powerful duet in the industry.

BTS for 'Yet To Come' / Twitter @MnetMcountdown

One of the best ways to know better these talented gentlemen is by watching their variety show "Run BTS". This was the special space for the Idols to have fun, live many adventures, and share them with the fanatics. We have great news, this iconic show is coming back!

BTS annonces new episode of 'Run BTS'

On August 1st BTS dropped on its social media accounts an important announcement. After 10 months on hiatus, its beloved show Run BTS will be back with a special episode. It seems like they have prepared new fun content. Jin said:

We did some recharging and brought more fun back with us. We hope you'll look forward to it.

The K-Pop phenomenon released a video to share the good news. The member look very excited revealing this news. Previously they have talked about how much they enjoy this show.

They already chose the background for the new season. It is the powerful song "Run BTS", a track from the album "Proof". When this song has revealed, ARMY was wondering if it was related to the show. Now we all have the answer.

This new episode will be here on August 16th. Originally, the show was just premiered on Vlive. BTS is expanding the ways to connect with the fans. The upcoming episode will be available on YouTube and Weverse as well. We can't wait for it!

RM is giving us some hints about his new album. We have all the information for you.

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