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'Run BTS' from the new album 'Proof' is ARMY and critics' favorite song

The latest BTS album is breaking tons of records. Why is "Run BTS" the favorite track among fans and the general public?

Have you already listened to "Proof"? The new BTS album is the greatest collection of their most famous hits and the most meaningful songs for ARMY. In this anthology, we can find a track for all music tastes.

On the other hand, the K-Pop sensation also dropped three new songs that everyone is loving. "The adorable title single "Yet To Come", the emotional track named "For Youth", and the powerful "Run BTS".

BTS for 'Proof' / Twitter @revistadetae

This last one is making crazy the Internet. The fandom loves it just as much as the critics and the general public. The song stands out among the new releases. Why is this track becoming so popular? We are telling you everything.

"Run BTS" is conquering ARMy and the critics at the same time

On June 10th BTS dropped its new album "Proof". Here we can find the song "Run BTS", which is making crazy the public. This intense song has a calm but great beat. However, the lyrics and the rhythm make it the fiercest track of the album.

Here the members shared some hardships they lived during their trainee and rookie days. They face all those problems with determination and nowadays they have massive success. The superstars are recognizing how hard they've worked.

The critics are noticing the flawless production of the track. Also, the talent of the members shines a lot. The raps of Suga, RM, and J-Hope have the best flow, is impossible not to vibe with their beat.

On the other hand, various critics point out the improvements for the vocal line, such as amazing Jin's adlibs at the climax of the track. ARMY spreading this song on social media, you already can find a TikTok challenge with this song.

For sure it will be viral! At the moment, it is in the top 10 of most-streamed songs on Spotify. Do you love "Run BTS" as much as we do?

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