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Rosé shuts down haters questioning her role in Blackpink!

With great power comes great responsibility. The reason for Blackpink reaching great heights is associated to the undying support from their loyal fan base, none other than us ‘Blinks’! However, even among Blinks strong favorites within the girl group exist. So much so that these favorites are termed as a bias by K-pop fans. In hyping up their bias, fans sometimes cross the line and stoop to dumping on other members of the group. Read below to find out how Rosé threw shade at these haters! 

  • Rosé is part of the biggest K-pop girl group in the world along with Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie.
  • She trained under YG Entertainment for 4 years before her debut with Blackpink in 2016.
  • At the age of 23, Rosé has earned a net worth of $8 million and has 32.3 million followers on Instagram. 
  • The 5'6" tall songstress has endless fans rooting for her, but faces hate comments like any other celebrity. 


Rosé for W Korea and Omega

The Blackpink members all stand out individually for their unique talents and personalities. They each have bagged fashion houses as brand ambassadors. These include Jennie for Chanel, Lisa for Celine, Jisoo for Dior, and Rosé for Saint Laurent

Blackpink members, Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé, for ' Kill This Love'

They all have scored individual achievements in their career. Jennie made her solo debut with the song titled ‘Solo’. Lisa was featured as a mentor in a Chinese music reality show, ‘Idol Producer’. Jisoo is about to make her acting debut with K-drama, ‘Snowdrop’. Rosé was announced to be the next Blackpink member to perform solo

Blackpink members during a concert

Fans of Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo have expressed low enthusiasm at Rosé’s individual achievements on several instances. The main vocalist of Blackpink receives the most hate from fans of other members, who can't stand the smallest win she gets. This makes me sad and angry. It's making me 'smad'! 

' Lovesick Girls' but ' Pretty Savage' too

In appreciating Blackpink members, Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo, a fan took to Twitter to applaud the talented ladies for their work. The fan went on to make the bold statement of saying ‘they’d be better off as a trio’. This was a low blow as an attempt to single out Rosé from the group. Can you believe it? 

Rosé and Jisoo for Céci Korea

In a recent live broadcast, Blackpink members asked each other playful questions for fun. One question from Jisoo to Rosé ended up clearing the air. It resulted in an answer needed to end the debate of who is or isn’t worthy of being in Blackpink. The debate which shouldn’t have been brought up in the first place in my opinion. Don't you think?

Rosé for Saint Laurent

The question asked what Rosé was to Blackpink. The answer Rosé gave was spot on.

Rosé said she was an ‘irreplaceable’ part of the girl group. She finished off with a smile knowing she was completely right

Rosé being her irreplaceable self

Her response reminded me of the time she sang a cover of Beyoncé’s song ‘Irreplaceable’ on the music show ‘Fantastic Duo’. I can’t help but think that she now truly embodies the very essence of that song for Blackpink. I couldn't agree more to the fact that Blackpink would not be Blackpink without Rosé. As the Blackpink song title goes, we really ‘Don’t Know What To Do Without You’ Rosé!

Rosé in 'Lovesick Girls' music video

For a group to be as successful as Blackpink, all the members play an important role. Rosé certainly is a force to be reckoned with and deserves no undermining that comes her way. Do you think Blackpink would be where it is now without Rosé or any of its other members? Let us know in the comments!

Check out Rosé's cover of Beyoncé’s song ‘Irreplaceable’ below! 

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