Rose's 'Gone' is a messy breakup story!

Rosé reveals her messy breakup in the solo debut song 'Gone'!

The wait is finally over! The Blackpink star's new song, Gone is nothing less than an emotional roller-coaster. Fans had been desperately waiting for it since 2020! Now that it is out, they’re in complete shock at how amazing the talented star sounds. How she revealed her emotional story through the art of music is truly remarkable! Read more details about her song below!

  • Rose released her long-anticipated solo debut on 31st January at her band’s virtual concert, The Show
  • The 23-year-old K-pop star is trending on Twitter as fans are celebrating her huge milestone with the hashtag #GONE.
  • She gave a teaser of her debut song in the Netflix documentary ‘Light Up The Sky’. 
  • The songwriter has written the lyrics of her song ‘Gone’ herself and tells an unpleasant breakup story through it.
Blackpink's Rose

Blackpink’s vocalist has never failed to amaze us. The ever so confident musician revealed that she was initially nervous about how emotional the lyrics of her song were. She feared being too vulnerable but then found courage from within and decided to go ahead with it. Well, it turned out to be the best decision of her life. 

'Gone's unofficial video is out!

All my love is gone/ All my love is gone/ Now you’re dead and gone’. Blinks can’t seem to hold back their tears as they see Rose curled up on the floor in the song’s music video. It is a clear depiction of her going through a hard time in her relationship. She hurls her ex’s possessions across the room as she sings with all her heart and soul giving listeners a chill in their bones.

Rose- 'Gone'

Blinks had predicted that ‘Gone’ will be full of emotions and drama from the clips released before the song was out. They were right as Rose sang in the dimly lit lights about a past lover who has broken up with her. She expresses how hard it is to forget and wait for him to return. The pain she feels when she sees him with someone else is like needles pierced through her heart. It has definitely gotten fans thinking that Rose is actually talking about a past crush or a lover.

‘Gone’ has taken the internet by storm. The song has received approximately 1.8 million views on Youtube in the first 11 hours of its release. Fans are praising the debut single on all social media platforms, especially on Twitter. They are now desperately waiting for the official video to come out. Rose shouldn’t keep her fans waiting anymore. 

What do you guys think about the new song? Is it Rose's own story or was she inspired by someone close to her? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch below 'Gone's unofficial music video!

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