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Reaction to the first time watching BTS' new song 'Butter'

After breaking records with 'Dynamite', with 1.74 billion views just on YouTube, BTS knows this is the way to go. Their second English song 'Butter' is already breaking records worldwide and is the best candidate to be the song of the summer. Watch the video reaction below. 

  • 'Butter' is the second English song from the group after 'Dynamite'
  • The music video got 56 million views in just 10 hours. 
  • Members like RM, Jimin and Suga rap almost like American traditional singers and fans loved it!

We have pink, we have yellow, we have purple, we have platinum, we have blonde, we have brown we have all the colors.

Definitely the K-Pop stars manage to take us on a rollercoaster, starting with black and white images and then going all in with colors, choreography and rap.

Their hairstyles are incredible, outfits as well and the scenery behind them is astonishing. At some point, it looks similar to the Oscars Awards! 


I love it, I just love it, do you guys too? It has a 'Dynamite' vibe but it's more like soft right?

What do you think? I think it's awesome and almost 60,000,000 views in 9 hours, that's every label's dream to have a group that gets so many views, and they are definitely going international, and let's see how many records they continue to break. 

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