RM has a new tattoo RM has a new tattoo

RM showed off his new tattoo which may have a very important meaning for BTS

Did you see Namjoon's new tattoo? The leader of BTS showed ARMY the design that he will wear on his skin forever

RM from BTS has a new tattoo, this surely has a very special meaning, what did the rapper put on his skin forever?

BTS is an idol group full of talented, professional members dedicated to music. But this does not mean that they are serious 24/7, they all have a beautiful personality and great charisma that ARMY loves every time they show it through various content.

The leader of Bangtan Sonyeondan is RM, he was the first member to join BigHit Entertainment, who was also a part in planning the idol group as a project and more. He has really taken his place with dignity and intelligence, he is the best representative of BTS first and foremost.

Namjoon also often shows ARMY more of his hobbies in his free time, he is a person who loves to ride a bike and read. This Bangtan idol also loves art, he is a fan of visiting museums and galleries. And maybe it's good that he carries some art forever on him, don't you think?

Well, Namjoon got a tattoo, although more than a piece of art, this is a very important symbol that could even be part of something that all the members of BTS did, what will RM wear on his skin forever?

BTS' RM has a new tattoo, what's the meaning behind it?

Through his Instagram stories, RM showed the new tattoo he got, it's number 7, that's just it. Why this number? Well, the members of BTS are seven, so definitely his new tattoo represents Bangtan and is part of his great story. This tattoo is near the foot of the idol, ARMY was confused at first as it looked like a '1' instead of '7'.

RM's new tattoo | Instagram: @rkive

What do you think about this tattoo? It's really beautiful, although perhaps the purpose was for this '7' to be seen as a '1' since Namjoon was the first member of Bangtan, perhaps it is also related to an order.

ARMY theorizes that all BTS members now have a number 7 tattoo

Previously, fans told BTS idols that they should have a friendship tattoo that they all share. And now that RM showed his, ARMY theorizes that it may be that now all 7 members of the idol group have a number 7 tattooed, just not all of them have shown them. Maybe they did it for the comeback or for their ninth anniversary.

BTS might have a friendship tattoo now | Twitter: @vminpinkie

We hope that soon all the members of BTS will show their matching tattoos, in which part of the body will they have them? Or will they all have put it in the same place? We hope to find out soon.

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