RM premieres his BTS VLOG with an extraordinary tour of Switzerland

BTS VLOG has a new episode, this time it's about RM's video he shot in Switzerland

RM traveled to Switzerland and invited ARMY because he recorded a complete vlog that took us to know this beautiful place, let's all accompany him in BTS VLOG.

BTS always seeks to create the best for ARMY, be it songs, performances, concerts and also extra content. This is why fans always have a lot of behind-the-scenes videos and more to enjoy more about their favorite idols and the best thing is that many of these are free.

This year, Bangtan Sonyeondan released 'BTS VLOG', which releases weekly vlogs. One for each member of the idol group. We first saw V's where he took us on a road trip, visited the dealer and so on. Later J-Hpe showed us more of his process with 'Jack In The Box' in his own video.

Last week, we got to see Jimin's video, he made his own bracelet and wore it and showed it off for ARMY. We still have 4 more members to see, what adventures will they have? Well, we don't have to wait long anymore, because RM just released his own vlog on YouTube.

The leader of BTS had a trip to Switzerland in which he included us because he recorded his full vlog in that country, what did Namjoon do in his video? Here we tell you more about it.

RM took us on an amazing tour of Switzerland in his BTS VLOG video

Namjoon's vlog was super fun, the BTS leader was traveling in Switzerland when he recorded it, he went to a museum, a lake, also a park. He showed us the architecture of the place, which seemed fun to him too, LOL. He even showed off his friendship tattoo with the Bangtan Boys. It was an extraordinary video.

It was great to see RM surrounded by nature and he seemed genuinely happy to do things that he really likes, that he finds fun.

RM also changed his Instagram bio to match his vlog

RM changed his description on Instagram and put something related to his vlog, although he changed it a total of 4 times because maybe he wasn't so happy with the results, which one do you think was better? Either way the ideas were the same.

RM changing his description to match his vlog | Instagram: @rkive

Well we love seeing how much fun our great BTS leader is having, we love his vlog, it was super cool.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like J-Hope who had a great interview with Zico, he revealed some of his secrets there. 

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