RM's photoshoot with Dispatch

RM from BTS is seen with mysterious girl on a date!

You all know BTS members aren't allowed to date, but RM sure knows how to escape the rules.  There is one girl who was lucky enough to ride in a boat with her idol! If you’re curious to know who this fan girl is, continue reading to find out!  

  • RM, lead rapper of BTS, was the first member to become a part of the band in 2010
  • The $20 million worth K-pop idol has a fan base of over 30 million people!
  • Many of these fans can only dream of seeing him in real life but there is one fan girl who travelled with him!
RM from BTS

Imagine having a crush on a millionaire international sensation such as RM and getting to travel with him under the blue skies in a boat! The cool breeze, warm water, and the angelic smile of the rapper would be enough to make it the most memorable day of your life.  

However, this imagination turned into reality for a Twitter fan @tetestears who on September 3rd 2019 rode in a boat with RM! The fan was in Copenhagen with her mother when she was blessed with this iconic moment in her life. She took it to Twitter to celebrate this great feat! 

RM in blue hair from Dynamite era

The most shocking part is that she did not even realize that RM was the person sitting behind her mother! This is because she was not a BTS fan back then and had no clue who the three men (RM and his two friends) were. Crazy, right? The tour went on for one and a half hour during which the fan reported hearing RM and his friends continuously talking in Korean.  

RM in Copenhagem

RM was dressed to kill! The now-26-year-old was wearing a $668 FEAR OF GOD Everyday Henley Sweatshirt, Sweatpants costing $795, and FILA slides costing $36! Imagine wearing all this expensive stuff for a boat tour. Definitely only RM can do this!


RM's photoshoot for BE

Hats off to the fan who is still breathing and surviving after knowing she was in a boat with RM! And that too for 90 minutes! Fans on Twitter are congratulating the lucky girl for this beautiful moment in her life that she will probably never forget. Have you ever met BTS?

If this just made you miss RM, listen to his mixtape:

Estefanía Martínez

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