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RM from BTS: From underground rapper to K-Pop leader

The charismatic leader of BTS had a long journey of highs and lows before becoming a success story. He joined Big Hit 10 years ago, used to be an underground rapper at the age of 14, worked tirelessly on the group's environment and music. The staff at Big Hit say he wasn't only leading BTS, he was leading the whole company at such a young age. Curious to hear the success story of RM, the 6 feet tall leader of Bangtan Sonyeondan? Scroll down to find answers to all your questions!

  • The young leader responded to hate comments with, 'I will show you one day'. Today these 7 men are adored by the whole world. 
  • Before debuting under BTS, Suga wanted to beat RM in an underground rap battle. The competition grew into friendship, and they released the rap song 'Ugh' together for their latest full album MOTS: 7. 
  • The 26-year-old rapper was known as Runch Randa in the underground community. At the age of 14 he would scare older rappers with his rapping. He was always a great artist.

Born with an IQ higher than 150, Kim Namjoon was always a sharp student. He had a good command over his words, and that led him into rapping. At the age of 14, he took over the unique name of Runch Randa and entered the underground rappers' community. Click here to read the full story on his unique name.

RM showing his dimples while smiling

Did you know that this 14-year-old was one of the best rappers out there? Older rappers were scared of this teenage boy. Suga even wanted to challenge him. The two are inseparable today! 

Tweet about RM when he was an underground rapper

RM auditioned for Bang Si-Hyuk on the recommendation of a fellow rapper. His performance impressed the CEO of Big Hit and Pdogg, the producer at Big Hit. This is how they decided to form a hip hop group after RM's audition.

Little did they know that they would form a group of 7 multi-talented men who would cover every genre on the planet. The rapper became the reason for BTS' existence. Imagining a world without BTS seems impossible!

RM fondly staring at his members

Did you know how he was the force behind Jungkook accepting Big Hit's offer? He had offers from larger companies, but he followed his Hyung. Jungkook looks up to him till this day. The leader has always been the biggest support for the Bangtan Boys. 
BTS got hate comments and were often sidelined by more powerful companies when they started in 2013. However, the boys pursued their passion, and today they are the biggest band in the world.

BTS presenting at the Grammys. source: Getty

RM has given speeches for UNICEF, led his team to a Grammy Nomination, and broken records set by Michael Jackson and Queen! BTS is the most sought after artists today. RM did show us what he can do by leading BTS from the group that debuted under a small company to the most successful group ever! 

Check out his UNICEF speech here for some motivation! 

We are proud of how far he has come. It is not an easy job to lead a group of 7 chaotic people from the biggest band in the world. We can only imagine how much hard work he puts in his job. Check out his incredible song Persona below! 

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