Moonbin od ASTRO Moonbin od ASTRO

Quiz: Is your personality compatible with ASTRO's Moonbin?

Would you like to be close to Moonbin? We are telling you how good would be your chemistry with the member of ASTRO.

ASTRO has one of the most beautiful concepts among K-Pop boy groups. As you may know, its name means star or celestial object. As result, the group constantly uses references to the beauty of the sky and space.

Also, we need to talk about the lovely charisma of the members, all of them look like a webtoon prince. Among all these good-looking gentlemen, Moonbin stands out because of his angelic aura and adorable smile.

We are in front of a super talented Idol. He is voice is awesome, his dancing skills are not a joke and he is an awesome actor. In addition, his personality is really cute. Is impossible not to love him!

Can you imagine how would be to meet Moonbin? This quiz is telling if you and the friendly singer are compatible. Let's check a little bit about your personality, and choose the option that is close to your preferences. Here we go!

QUIZ: Are to compatible with ASTRO's Moonbin?

► Do you like to practice sports?

► Choose a boy group

► Choose an animal

► Choose a girl group

►Choose a song by ASTRO

► Choose a color

► Choose a music genre

Are you ready to check the result? Let's see the result.

■ Mostly A: The best chemistry ever!

You have a lot in common with Moonbin. Together, you would be unstoppable. The best duet ever!

ASTRO's Moonbin / Twitter @moonkong___

■Mostly B: Good vibes

Moonbin is an easy person just like you. You are quite different, however, you would be pretty comfortable with each other.

Moonbin is an easy-going Idol / Twitter @Kookie_Eunwoo

■Mostly C: Friendly strangers

You and Moonbin might have opposite opinions and preferences. Anyways, you would be always saying hi with the biggest smile.

Moonbin of ASTRO / Twitter @AstroUnivers_

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