Can you recognize these tattooed idols? Can you recognize these tattooed idols?

Quiz: Can you recognize these K-Pop idols just by looking at their tattoos?

Did you know that there are idols with tattoos? You may be able to recognize who they are just by looking at the designs on their skin

Despite the fact that there is a lot of censorship over tattoos in Korea, there are idols who have freely shown the designs they have on their skin, can you recognize each K-Pop artist only with their tattoos?

K-Pop is all about entertainment and we know very well that it's not just about music. The dance is also very important and the concepts and elements that each idol group uses in each comeback. Everything makes a perfect and striking formula for fans of this musical genre.

We also know that image and appearance is important in the Korean music industry, even if it sounds superficial. This is why in all idols we admire amazing visuals, their already beautiful physical characteristics are enhanced by makeup. The stylists and wardrobe managers also do a great job with each artist.

But idols aren't just dolls that their agencies can dress up and style to their heart's content. They also have a personal style and their own stamp that they put on each concept they handle. And we know very well that tattoos are also part of this image that is not only created for fans, but also has the essence of each idol.

Have you seen the tattoos of your favorite idol? Maybe you can already recognize them perfectly, take this fun quiz and find out if you already know all the tattooed idols in the industry.

Quiz: Which idols do these tattoos belong to?


This tattoo belongs to Changkyun | Twitter: @chaeeseball
Jackson Wang's tattoos | Twitter: @jiaerfiles
Seungwoo from VICTON and his tattoos | Twitter: @cherrychihoon
Jungkook and his tattoos | Twitter: @Manus7world
Taeyong has tattoos | Twitter: @popcorn_0701
Minhyuk's whale tattoo | Twitter: @iamyourgom
Jimin has this moon tattoo | Twitter: @jikookalbum

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