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'Permission to Dance' vs. 'Butter': Which song is better?

It's a BTS vs. BTS match! The K-pop band keeps releasing masterpieces one after the other. 'Permission to Dance' is the B-side track of 'Butter' that has been smashing records such as topping the BB Hot 100 chart since its release. On the other hand, 'Permission to Dance' is winning the hearts of millions due to its amazing music video. However, between the two, which song is more loved? Scroll down to keep reading about it! 

  • The South Korean boy band released their third English single, 'Permission to Dance' on July 9th, 2021.
  • This song is a gift for the fans on their birthday by BTS.
  • 'Butter' has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for six weeks in a row.

Since 'Permission to Dance' has released, people have been comparing it to the band's previous English single, 'Butter'. Both releases are exciting summer songs with a catchy beat that sticks in your head. Let's do a quick comparison to find out which one is better!

Views in first 24 hours

BTS in 'Butter' Music video

'Butter' gained a whopping 113 million views in first 24 hours of its release and earned a Guinness world record. On the other hand, 'Permission to Dance' garnered a total of 68.5 million views in the first 24 hours.

t sounds like a small number in front of 'Butter' views, however, it's a great achievement for a five-minute-long video. Yes, BTS wanted to make its fans happy. So for this, they added a minute long behind-the-scene snippet in the four-minute-long song. Isn't that adorable?


BTS in 'Permission to Dance' music video

After watching 'Butter', we could instantly tell that it's a fun song, just like 'Dynamite'. However, with 'Permission to Dance', we can tell that it's not a sibling of the group's previous English songs, 'Butter' and 'Dynamite'.

It's a funky twin of BTS' song 'Life Goes On', that talks about quarantine life in Covid-19 and a ray of hope that the lockdown will end. 'Permission to Dance' is a celebration of this hope that the world is getting back to normal and eventually everything will be fine.

The wait is over
The time is now so let's do it right, mm (Yeah)
Yeah we'll keep going
And stay up until we see the sunri-i-ise (Yeah)

These lyrics from 'Permission to Dance' show that BTS is hopeful about the pandemic to get over and is waiting to re-unite with its fans in-person.

Smooth like Butter
Like a criminal undercover

However, the lyrics of 'Butter' are so catchy that we still keep singing it. Do you agree too?


BTS in 'Permission to Dance' music video

In 'Butter', BTS members showed off their charms and absolute love for the fans. They even created ARMY (the band's fandom name) with their bodies and included lyrics about them.

Got ARMY right behind us 

While in 'Permission to Dance', they talk about inclusivity and diversity of their fandom, which definitely shows BTS' adoration for them. The music video has thousands of purple balloons in it, which is the official color of the ARMY.

Also, people from different ethnicities, classes and professions are present in the music video, dancing with BTS. For example, we saw African, Asian and Eurpeon kids in the video. Janitors, waiters, laundry workers and students were also present there.

On top of it, the band included sign language for the words 'peace', 'fun' and 'dance' in their main dance. This shows that BTS still stands with their idea of equality and wants to dance with the whole world without any exclusion. It's so heartwarming!


We have added both the songs in our playlists because we just can't stop listening to them. However, 'Permission to Dance' takes the prize in this comparison due to its heart touching message for the world. In the end, the winner is always BTS!

Which BTS song do you like more? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the exciting and energetic music video of 'Permission to Dance'!

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