K-Pop boy group Pentagon.

Pentagon's Kino surprised fans by dancing Aespa's "Black Mamba"

New girl group Aespa is having such a success with their single debut "Black Mamba" that idols from other companies can't help but dance to SM Entertainment's girls. Read on to see the video of Kino doing the Aespa choreography.  

  • Kang Hyung-gu is a 22-year-old South Korean singer and songwriter, better known as Kino from the band Pentagon.
  • Kino debuted in 2016 with his eight Pentagon teammates under the Cube Entertainment label.
  • The idol also usually posts his solo works on Sound Cloud under the name Knnovation.
Kino from K-Pop group Pentagon.

The "Shine" singer caught the attention of fans for his incredible knowledge of the choreography of the song "Black Mamba" by the newly released girl band Aespa.


The girls from SM Entertainment have been making a big splash in the K-pop industry since they debuted on November 17, 2020.

Kino showed some incredible moves and he also congratulated Karina, Winter, Ning Ning, and Giselle on their success with "Black Mamba ". Watch the video below!

The positive message behind this news is that regardless of the fact that both groups are from different companies, Kino de Pentagon congratulates and honors the recently released Aespa.

It's certainly something incredible that idols support each other, and the truth is that Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle deserve the treat. Share with us your opinions about the new girl group Aespa!


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