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The reason why Jimin from BTS loves to watch Bollywood movies

Jimin revealed on Vlive that he has been watching a lot of movies recently. He mentioned a Bollywood movie from 2009 in his live session, and fans rushed out to see it! The Jimin effect immediately started, and the movie went viral all over the world. Want to know which movie Jimin watched? Read below to find out!

  • The 25-year-old specialized in modern dance at Busan High School of Arts.
  • Jimin has many nicknames including, ChimChim, Jiminie, and Mochi.

The movie 

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During a Vlive session in March, Jimin asked fans for movie suggestions and also revealed the ones he had watched. Jimin's list included Parasite, Lalaland, and a Bollywood movie from 2009 called 3 Idiots. The Indian army was in the sky when they realized Jimin had seen the movie. 

Soon Jimin's effect started its magic and,  the movie went viral. We're not surprised after the artist has sold out so many items. Are we?

About the movie and interaction with the producer

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The movie stars Bollywood superstars Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor. It is about the university life of three friends at an engineering college in India. 3 Idiots is a romantic comedy movie. That sounds like something Jimin would love to watch!
So much was the popularity that the film producer, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, took to Twitter to thank Jimin for loving the movie. Isn't that such a wholesome interaction? 



The Indian army has been lucky this year. First, Jimin watched a Bollywood movie, and recently BTS was interviewed by an Indian television media company, NDTV. Who knows soon enough BTS might perform in India?

We are happy for the Indian army and BTS for reaching such a great height that they have become so popular in India. Watch the BTS interview on NDTV below! 

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