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Park Bo Gum is a fan of BTS, this was his adorable encounter with the group

Did you know that Park Bo Gum is an ARMY? This is how BTS met the famous actor.

Park Bo Gum is one of the most beloved actors in Korea. The talented artist is well known for his easy going personality. His massive popularity is the result of his work in K-Dramas and his charisma off stage.

All the celebrities that work with him just have good things to say about the actor. Of course, he has made too many good friendships among the people in the industry.

You may already know that he is a close friend of V from BTS. These handsome men have talked about how much they support each other. Nevertheless, Park Bo Gum is a fan of the whole group. Let's recall how was his encounter with Bangtan.

Park Bo Gum and BTS' V / By @HallyuSG

Park Bo Gum surprises BTS at their concert

In 2019 BTS held a concert in Hong Kong. At the end of the show, they received an unexpected guest that was waiting for them backstage. The Idols were shocked to see that Park Bo Gum attended the concert.

BTS and Park Bo Gum / By @sknmjeon7

The actor was cheering the group with an ARMY Bomb and a banner. RM noticed that Park Bo Gum was wearing a Cooky headband and then he asked if his bias is Jungkook. BTS leader added:

From his head to toe, he's a true ARMY.

Since he is V's friend the rest of the members asked him if he knew that the actor was coming. Bo Gum explained that he didn't tell anyone. After a playful talk and various pictures, he finished thanking the group for the show.

You guys worked hard. Thank you for showing such a great show. Thank you.

The chemistry between these leaders of the Hallyu wave is amazing. Check the full video here.

Did you know that Park Bo Gum used to be a music show host? Here you'll find some other actors that did this work as well.

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