PSY and V from BTS PSY and V from BTS

PSY reveals the story behind his encounter with BTS' V

The first time V from BTS and PSY met the internet was melting because of the lovely pictures of the Korean artists. Finally PSY has talked about this encounter.

The explosive PSY is back with the album "PSY 4th". The last few days the eyes of the world were looking at Korea because of the release of his new music. The popularity of the singer of "Gangnam style" is not a joke.

However this time he joined forces with another artist with massive popularity. Yes, we're talking about Suga from BTS. The title single "That That" was produced by the rapper.

PSY and Suga for 'That That' / By @kiss_seven7

As it was expected it was a whole global success. PSY is still in the promotion period of his latest album. In a recent interview the artist revealed some details about his relationship with BTS members. This is what he said about the meeting with V.

BTS' V asked PSY for a meeting and this is what happend

Back in September 2020 it was revealed some pictures of PSY and V from BTS having a good time together. Recently, in an interview with Billboard PSY confessed how the meeting took place.

PSY and V from BTS / By @vminiecats

According to PSY he talked on the phone with V thanks to a friend in common. Then, the members of BTS asked him for a reunion to talk. Immediately, PSY invited V to his office. This is what artist said about the encounter:

We talked a lot about things like when they do something good and are not satisfied with something. They barely have anyone to ask about that.

Due to the similarities in the careers of this Korean phenomena, PSY thinks it created a friendship and mentorship between him and BTS.

Suga said that the whole BTS was talking about asking PSY for advice to handle their massive success. Eventually, V was the one to approach him and PSY was ready to encourage the biggest K-pop group of the world.

They're so sweet! What  do you think about it?

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